Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


April 20 – J.T. Bowers was responding to a burglary call when he saw a gray truck cross the center line ahead of him. The truck then turned onto Hwy.8 and again crossed the center line, Bowers stopped the truck and found that Anthony McDowell, BM, 47, 5’8″, 160 pounds to have a strong smell of alcohol and to be slurring his words. Bowers, who is not certified to conduct field sobriety tests or the data master test, arrested McDowell for public disorderly conduct.

April 22 – C. Hagood responded to 1110 Windermere Court where Larry Hendricks reported the theft of a firearm from his home. The loss was estimated at $400.


April 20- P.A. Cochrane responded to 21 Courtney St. where Tracy Archer reported that Brent Lee Horsley, WM, 25, 5’10″, 145 pounds, red/green had assaulted her. She showed evidence of the assault and Horsley was located in the area. He was taken into custody on charges of assault and battery.

April 21 – Sgt. J. Bowland received a complaint from Jaime Beavers that her ex-boyfriend Brandon Burton, WM, 28, 5’6″, 135 pounds, of 11 River St. had taken her vehicle and the documentation without her consent. She said he had done so several times but had never taken the paperwork before. Burton, contacted by phone, said Beavers owed him money and had agreed to sell the car to satisfy the debt. The vehicle was valued at $15,000.On the same day, Deputy J.G. Williams also responded to that address, where Beavers reported that Burton had come to the home and tried to force entry, despite having moved out several days earlier. Williams informed Burton that there was a warrant out for him due to his taking of Beavers vehicle and told him to bring the vehicle back and turn himself in to the Sheriff’s Office.

April 21 – P.A. Cochrane was dispatched to 119 Crompton Dr. where Wendell Trotter reported that someone had slashed the tire on his vehicle. The loss was estimated at $150. Deputy Cochrane also responded to a report of a slashed tire at the address next door, where Brian New reported that his tire was also cut. The loss was estimated at $150. Deputy C.C. Brazier responded to 107 Crompton Dr. where Robert Stanley reported that two tires on his truck were slashed, at a cost of $300.


April 19 – B. Simpson received a telephone report from Ricky Smith of 525 Tripp Rd. Smith stated that someone had stolen his Kenmore gas grill valued at $200.

April 19 – J.T. Bowers responded to the Total Fitness Gym at 9801 Anderson Rd. where Emory Williams reported that money had been stolen from the safe in his office. No arrest has been made and the investigation continues.

April 20 – Cpl. J.J. Jacobs observed a red Chevy S-10 truck with a paper tag near Three Bridges Road with the license tag light burned out. He stopped the truck and found Scotty Collier, Jr., WM, 27, 5’11″, 150 pounds, of Simpsonville driving. Collier, Jr. was found to be driving under suspension for the third time. He was taken to the ACDC and charged.

April 21 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 105 River Hill Court where Bradley Bilicki reported the theft of his wife’s 1996 Harley Davidson Sportser, valued at $5000.