Man facing multiple charges in domestic dispute/assaults


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated a domestic dispute on April 28 in which several persons were injured resulting in multiple charges for Stacy Allan Burgess. Burgess, 40, was booked on charges of attempted murder, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and second degree assault and battery. Bond was denied and he remains in custody.

According to reports, upon responding to 103 Estelle Drive in Williamston, Deputies Perkins and Brooks, and Corporal Cooper saw a vehicle with the passenger side crushed in and the passenger window broken. Inside the house, they saw a man identified as Stacy Burgess sitting on the couch with a facial laceration and with fresh blood on his hands and body.

Reports also state the house was also a mess with overturned furniture, broken glass and more blood in sight. While talking with Burgess, Perkins saw a woman later identified as Angela Burgess, WF, 35, look around the corner and motion to him. At that time, Stacy Burgess, who was in possession of a baton and several knives, was detained and disarmed.

Perkins then went to speak with Angela Burgess, who led him to the rear bedroom where her son Timothy Chastain, 18, and his girlfriend Amber Roberts were also present. She explained that Stacy had assaulted her during a verbal argument, punching her in the face and throwing her to the ground where he choked her and threatened to kill her. Chastain tried to pull him away and was also assaulted, resulting in the dislocation of his shoulder.

A nephew, Michael Sammons, 21, arrived and transported Chastain and Roberts to AnMed for treatment of his injuries. Stacy Burgess packed several items and left, threatening to return and kill Angela. Sammons, Chastain and Roberts returned, with Chastain’s arm in a sling. They told deputies they heard Stacy return in his vehicle and crash it into Angela’s truck.

According to the report, because she knew Stacy kept a handgun and shotgun in his truck, Angela led them to the back bedroom, where Sammons retrieved a shotgun and stood in the hallway with it. Stacy Burgess forced entry into the home but was not armed. Sammons then gave the shotgun to Chastain and attempted to talk with Burgess, who immediately assaulted him as well. He punched and bit Sammons repeatedly and struck him with a plate. He then hit Sammons in the head with a wooden butcher block, knocking him unconscious briefly. Reports state Stacy began strangling him while threatening to kill him.

Sammons regained consciousness and fled the scene. The others hid in the bedroom until the deputies arrived. Stacy Burgess was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC.

Two guns were located in Burgess’s truck.

Sammons grandmother called and said that he was at her home and had lost consciousness again. Cpl. Cooper and EMS responded and he was transported to AnMed for treatment.

Stacy Allan Burgess, 40, was booked on charges of attempted murder of Michael Sammons, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature against Angela Burgess, and second degree assault and battery against Timothy Chastain. Bond was denied and he remains in custody.