Williamston Police Report April 8-27


Week of Apr. 8 – Apr. 27

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents in April:

Apr. 21 – Terry Michael Chandler, 30, 1379 Allens Bridge Rd., Woodruff, and a another female identified as Tenille Gonzalez, no additional information, was placed on trespass notice for 405 Mahaffy St., after officers were dispatched to the location. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Apr. 23 – A 16-year-old male juvenile at Palmetto High School was arrested for simple possession of marijuana at Palmetto High School, 804 N. Hamilton St. after two students were observed entering the rest room and appearing very nervous. A small piece of plastic wrapped around a green leafy substance was found in a jacket pocket. The substance weighed .5 grams. SGT/ SRO L. D. Ritter investigated.

Apr. 23 – Christopher Matthew Ellison, 26, 615A Parker St., Williamston was arrested for public disorderly conduct and failure to accompany officers after officers were dispatched to Academy St. and Harper St. in reference to a vehicle accident. While investigating, Ellison took off running down Academy St. A short time later, Central Dispatch advised of a break-in in progress at 16 E. First St. and that there was a man with handcuffs on in the house. Officers responded to the location and took him back into custody. The 2003 Toyota belonging to Gina Odom of Spartanburg had two flat tires and damage to the front passenger side rim. T. D. Hoover investigated.

Apr. 24 – Dolly Braken Kay, 71, 109 Dacus St., Williamston was placed on trespass notice for 108 Dacus St., after officers were dispatched to the location in reference to a dispute over a tree that was cut down. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Apr. 25 – Adam Blake Pinyan, 25, 215 Williamston Ct. #215 was arrested for interfering with police after officers responded to 103 Belton Dr., Williamston in reference to a fight. According to

reports, Pinyan was impeding the interviewing of persons involved in the incident by yelling. No one else involved in the incident was arrested. J. Rogers.

Apr. 21 – George Calvin Henry, 53, 7 College Dr., Williamston reported a 2 ton AC unit valued at $1,500 and a stove/oven combo valued at $600 taken from a residence at 101 Cross St. A. Eliopoulos investigated.

Apr. 27 – Fast Fuel, 207 West Main St., Williamston reported a gas drive off in which a white pickup truck pumped $12 in gas and drove off. A. Eliopoulos, Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Apr. 19 – Pamela Childress, 55, 207 McDonald Ave., Williamston reported a 2004 Buick Lesabre stolen from the residence. The vehicle was valued at $6,400. A. Eliopoulos, R. Drennon investigated.

Apr. 16 – Officers investigated a group home operating at 101 Simpson St. in Williamston without a proper business license. According to reports, four men were living in the residence paying for room and board. At the time, the situation remained under investigation. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, Chief T. Taylor investigated.

Apr. 15 – SGT/SRO L. D. Ritter investigated an incident in which a female student reported a 19 year old male student spit on her. The male said said he only made an immature gesture as she turned away causing spittle to land on her neck. The male was advised that by law that is an assault and that in the future he should refrain from contact with the complainant.

Apr. 8 – SGT/SRO L.D. Ritter investigated an incident at Palmetto Middle School in which a male student was choked and punched by another 12 year old male. The incident and several others involving the two were the result of playing the flinch game. Both subjects were advised that unwanted physical contact violates the law and school rules.

Apr. 16 – Shanna Joy Vandiver, 23, 225 Williamston Cr, reported a 10 speed mountain bike valued at $90 take from in front of her apartment door. A. Eliopoulos, J. Rogers investigated.