Piedmont approves budget with cost of living raise – For Firefighters


By Stan Welch

The Piedmont Public Service Commission met Monday night, moving briskly through the agenda, and giving second reading approval to the 2013-2014 budget.

The budget, as proposed, will bring the complement of full time firefighters to fifteen, and will, for the first time in three years, provide a cost of living increase of three per cent. The budget remains balanced, due to an amended formula for receiving revenues from Greenville County; there will be no millage increase.

In fact, as the upgraded sewer system comes on line and is taken over by the Metropolitan Sewer SubDistrict, sewer customers will see an actual reduction of the millage they pay. The average reduction is estimated at $87 per customer.

A third reading, preceded by a public hearing, will take place at the June meeting of the Commission.

In other business, the fire department answered a total of forty six calls, including three structure fires, five grass fires and a vehicle call. Twenty one medical calls were answered.

The baseball fields generated eighty dollars in revenue while the rental of the community building brought in two hundred dollars for the month.