Seems to Me . . . Memorial Day


Remembering those who made this country (what it used to be)

By Stan Welch

Memorial Day looms just ahead. As always, even though he did not die under arms, I will remember my father, who enlisted shortly after Pearl Harbor and served the length of the war.

Luckily he survived his personal eternity in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, fighting cold and climate as well as the Japanese. My Dad came out of that war with a pathological hatred of snow. As he often told me, “ The snow came a lot closer to killing me than the Japs ever did.” That was quite a statement considering he flew tail gunner on a PBY because he was small enough to fit in the turret.

My Dad, like most WWII vets that I knew, called a jap a jap, and a kraut a kraut. They really didn’t care if it hurt someone’s feelings or offended their sensibilities. They had fought them face to face and they had no love for them. Until the day he died, my Daddy said what he thought and consequences be damned. That was once a trait that was valued in a man.

He taught us to do the same, with the ample assistance of our mother; who believed as Dad did that while you couldn’t always get your way, you could always have your say. We have all lived with that as our credo. It used to be called freedom of speech.

In recent years, my meditations about my father have changed in tone. As much as I miss him, I am glad he is no longer with us. I am glad that he can’t see the sacrifices he and millions of other Americans made being dishonored by the climate of political correctness that has robbed us of our uniquely American spirit.

It simultaneously sickens me and infuriates me to watch as the American political landscape is splashed with the graffiti of the gay rights movement, for example. If you are gay, be gay. As I understand the prevailing social theories on the subject, you can’t help it. But why the constant public pronouncements? If I’m not supposed to care whether you are gay or not, why the dickens do you keep telling me?

Guess what? I really don’t care if you are gay or not. I’m just sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of gay marriage, gay unions, gay kissing, gay parenting, and gay basketball players. Do I come up to you twice a day and remind you that I like women? No, because it’s much more effective to go up to women and tell them.

I thought what gays wanted is to be treated like everyone else? I was sadly mistaken. What they want is what every group that cries “foul” wants. They want special treatment.

They want to be able to define marriage, a religious concept, for everyone; despite their being a tiny minority. They want to be able to obtain and raise children, despite their inability to participate in the process from the very start.

They want to be tolerated, nay, celebrated for their gaiety, their homosexuality; while mocking and ridiculing those mired in their humdrum heterosexuality. Straight people are so dull. All they do is build families and societies and nations. It’s so helpful to be able to reproduce one’s own kind, isn’t it? That way, you don’t have to work so hard on gaining converts.

Please don’t get me wrong. Gays aren’t the only self-centered special interest group around. They are just the prissiest.

What do Muslims in America want? They want special treatment. They want to be allowed to practice their own laws even if they are counter to the laws of our land. They want to be welcomed to the land of freedom while refusing to grant such freedom to others.

What do illegal immigrants in America want? They want special treatment. They want to receive all the benefits of citizenship without meeting any of the requirements. They want to move to the head of the line, bypassing those who entered this country legally; intent on becoming American citizens, and not just relocated citizens of their home countries.

It saddens me that the country my father and so many others fought, and in many cases, died for has become a haven for whiners, and moaners and beggars, who don’t even have the courtesy to say please when they beg.

So as this Memorial Day draws near, forgive me if I mourn more than just the deaths of those brave men and women who made this country what it used to be – the greatest nation on earth. Don’t look