Sheriff’s Deputies help woman to safety


Two Anderson County deputies saved the life of a Williamston resident Saturday by pulling her from the Saluda River.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Kari Paige Woody, 25, of Williamston, was helpless and unable to move in the water. She was clinging to a tree limb for her life. Woody, who could not swim, attempted to cross the river on a tree limb. After she became distressed and unable to move, she screamed for help.

James Crawley, who was in the area, heard her screaming and called 911. Crawley, through the dispatcher, was able to direct the deputies to the area where Woody was stuck. She was located approximately 15 feet away from the shore line, unable to stand on the bottom or make it to land.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies Blake Vaughn and Ronald Wood immediately removed their gun belts, waded in the water and used another tree limb to pull Woody to safety on the shore. Woody was checked by medical personnel and did not require treatment. She was not taken to a hospital.