School District One dips into reserves to balance budget


The Anderson School District One Board of Trustees unanimously approved the 2013-2014 budget with expenditures of $57,798,143 during their regular monthly meeting Tuesday. With expected revenues of $57,249,543, the board will need $548,600 from their general fund balance to balance the budget.

On the revenue side, the budget is based on 90 new students with a base cost of $2101 allowed by the state and a 3.6 percent tax increase on businesses and rental property for CPI and growth.

On the expense side, it also includes a 1.5 percent increment step increase in salaries for District One teachers and 1.5 percent increase for other District employees.

The new budget includes eight new teachers and 1.4 support staff to account for the 90 new students, according to Associate Superintendent David Havird.

Retiring Superintendent Dr. Wayne Fowler told the board, “Our auditors tell us we can do this one more time. In the future you will have a difficult time. You can’t continue to do that.” He also advised them that the County is expected to begin offering a 75 percent break on fee in lieu of taxes incentives for new business and industry that locate in Anderson County.

“The new industry will have zero impact on the school budget, Dr. Fowler said. “You will have increase from growth.”

Dr. Fowler was honored with a drop-in at Palmetto High School prior to the Board meeting which was his last as District One Superintendent, a position he has held for the last nine years.

The District One school lunch program has expenses of $289,007 and revenues of $325,125 for a profit of $36,118.

Jane Harrison reported that State Superintendent of Education Dr. Mitchell M. “Mick” Zais recently visited Powdersville Middle and Wren High School. The visit to Powdersville marked the 200th visit to state schools by the state Superintendent.

The board also approved the following personnel:

Transfers – Lori Randall, Wren Middle School Math to Powdersville Middle, Math; Chelsea Roberts, Grade 1 Cedar Grove Elementary to Grade 2, West Pelzer Elementary.

Resignations – Coral Arant, Grade 4, West Pelzer Elementary; Brooke Crocker, LD Self-Contained, West Pelzer Elementary; Courtney Long, Grade 4, Palmetto Elementary.

Recommendations: Laura Corn, LD Self-Contained, West Pelzer Elementary; Leslie Martin, Social Studies, .5 FTE Powdersville High and .5 FTE Powdersville Middle; Doug Shaw, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Palmetto High; Amanda Smoak, Math, Wren Middle.