Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies recently investigated seventeen reports of auto break-ins in the Powdersville area and a number of shoplifting incidents at several Powdersville stores including the new Walmart. Among incidents investigated were the following:


On May 30, ACSO deputies responded to seventeen reports of automobiles in the Powdersville area being broken into the night before. Several GPS units were stolen, along with other electronics including a laptop computer. Two firearms were among the items stolen. The total of the estimated losses for all fourteen cars is $5770. Every one of the cars was left unlocked, according to the incident reports.

May 30 –C. Hagood responded to the WalMart where the manager reported that a black male had entered the store and stolen an unspecified auto part. Upon being pursued, he not only left the merchandise behind, but also his moped. Later that day, J.E. Scott responded to the same store and took Laura Watts, WF, 38, 5’4″, 130 pounds, brn/grn into custody for shoplifting as well.

June 3 – J.E. Scott responded to the WalMart where he took Solomon Coleman, BM, 47, 5’11″, 180 pounds into custody for stealing 8 cases of beer from the store.

May 31 – J.E. Scott responded to the Spinx convenience store at 3601 Hwy. 153 where the clerk reported that a black male, 5’10″ tall , 150 pounds had come into the store, picked up two cases of beer and fled in a tan jeep with tag number IXD422.

May 31 – J.T. Bowers responded to 318 Hunt Rd. where Robert Turner reported the theft of a new stainless steel refrigerator from a home he is building. The loss was placed at $700.

May 31 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to the Hickory Point convenience store on Hwy. 153 where the clerk reported that a black male had entered the store, grabbed two cases of beer and fled in a silver Jeep Cherokee with at least three other occupants.

May 31 – D.L. Brinston responded to the Spinx convenience store where the clerk reported that a black male had entered the store and stolen three cases of beer before fleeing in a silver vehicle.


May 30 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 6845 Hwy. 29 N where Rena Styles reported that someone had broken into her home. Nothing appeared to have been taken but various pieces of furniture had been moved.

June 1 – B. Surratt and J.T. Bowers were dispatched to 117 Ambrose Rd. where two brothers had been fighting over who got to ride shotgun on the way to the Jockey Lot. Neither brother would press charges and no arrest was made.

June 1 – B. Vaughn was on patrol when he observed a motorcycle speeding on Smythe St. The motorcycle had no headlight but had a flashlight taped to the mirror. Upon initiating a traffic stop, the motorcycle fled but the rider, identified as Jeremiah Holdbrooks, WM, 28, 5’7″,165 pounds lost control. He then fled on foot but was located by Vaughn and West Pelzer police officer Sargent. According to reports, the motorcycle was stolen. Holdbrooks was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and he had four other active warrants out. He was taken into custody.


May 30 – C.P. Huff responded to 125 Mountain Springs Rd. where James Meritt reported that someone had stolen copper wiring and light bulbs from three outbuildings on the property. The loss was estimated at $1510.

June 1 – P.A. Cochrane was dispatched to 101 Oliver Park Rd. in response to a report of disorderly conduct. He found Rocky Ingram, WM, 54, 6’2″,180 pounds, gray/blue to be drunk and high. Ingram made a number of threatening comments and assumed fighting positions. After two other deputies arrived he was taken into custody without incident.

June 1 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 116 Sleepy Hollow Rd. where Jennifer Haave reported the theft of her riding lawnmower, valued at $1100.

June 2 – A number of cars were damaged overnight as six vehicles had windows broken out of them. There was no apparent effort to steal from the vehicles, but all were significantly damaged.

June 3- P.N. Turner was dispatched to 228 Chestnut Springs Way where Timothy Summer reported the breaking into of his car, and the theft of a Taurus .410 revolver, two check books and a knife. The loss was estimated at $600.


May 26 – R.D. Smith was dispatched to 111 Lazy Willow Court where Michael White reported the theft of two handguns from his truck, which was left unlocked. The loss was placed at $900.

May 30 – B. Simpson was on duty at the ACSO desk when Martin Cox, of Southern Smoker BBQ came in to file a complaint against Michael Gladney, BM, 30, 6’1″, 180 pounds, of Greenville. Gladney had rented a portable BBQ unit and failed to return it. The unit is valued at $6500.

May 31 – K. Evatt responded to the Saluda Valley Country Club where Eddie Martin reported the theft of one golf cart valued at $4000, and $500 in damage to another.

June 1 – J.R. Scott responded to Jalan Dr. and Willingham Rd. where Zachery Biggs reported that a woman had approached his vehicle and accused him of hitting her daughter. He said he had no idea what she was talking about and tried to drive off when she slapped him. He got her tag number but the ACSO files were down that day. His brother was in the car and verified his account.