Seems to Me . . . Explaining liberalism


By Stan Welch

I was confronted with an intriguing theory recently. It was posed to me by one of my more conservative friends, and it caught me completely off guard. It surpassed my comfortable way of thinking about things and presented an alternative view that I am still puzzling over days later.

The theory is this: liberalism is not a political or social philosophy, but a form of mental illness. Take a moment to consider that statement. It was not presented to me as a joke, and I do not present it as a joke here.

In fact, it is an almost irresistible explanation for why some of the most intelligent people I know buy into this view of the world. I have watched as liberalism has degraded itself to the point that mental illness may be the kinder of the possible descriptions for it.

I have seen example after example of the absolute lack of logical thinking that so often clouds and defines the liberal mind. Need to pass legislation in order to know what it says? Makes perfect sense to me now.

What reaction to mass shootings makes more sense than to blame the weapon and not its wielder? To a liberal, such a response is automatic. But when it’s a bombing, the liberal mind doesn’t blame the bomb. It blames the bomber. Inconsistency of thought is a sign of mental illness and a characteristic of a liberal mind.

How else can you explain the urgency to redefine such a basic and well established institution as marriage to include gays, lesbians, transgender orangutans, mutants and every other member of the sexual sideshow that makes up such an entertaining, albeit miniscule, segment of the liberal circus?

I think that the reason that liberalism is drifting away from any common sense approach to any issue that faces this nation is that liberalism is like a gateway drug. Just as tobacco leads to marijuana and beer leads to booze, liberalism leads inevitably and irrevocably to socialism.

I once read a piece that stated the difference between conservatives and liberals. The gist was that a conservative, if he doesn’t want to own a gun, doesn’t buy one. A liberal, however, who disapproves of guns wants them banned so no one can have them. A conservative who doesn’t like a movie doesn’t buy a ticket. A liberal protests outside the theater to keep anyone from watching it.

A conservative who needs health insurance shops around and saves his money until he can afford it. A liberal demands that the government take over the insurance industry and make everyone buy it. You get the drift.

A liberal essentially trusts the government more than he trusts himself. Folks, that’s beyond mental illness. That’s insanity. Liberalism, as it continues to slide towards socialism, lowers itself to the level of lunacy.

Just this week, both President Obama and good old Uncle Joe both made it clear that there is no stigma attached to mental illness. I agree. I also agree that, like alcoholism, admitting the problem is the first step towards solving it.

So stand up liberals and say it proudly. “I’m left and I’m lost”. The good news is your Obamacare will pay for the treatment.