Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department were involved in these projects through out the county:

Building & Codes

·         Our Building Inspectors, as well as other applicable staff, attended a CEPSCI (Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspectors) class to maintain our CEPSCI certifications. These certifications were obtained to help us better understand the various control methods of stormwater run-off and to give our inspectors the necessary qualifications to address this issue. Renewal is every 5 years.

·         Enforcement of the 2012 International Codes will begin July 1st 2013 as mandated by the SC Building Codes Council. Over the past several months our department has been preparing for this code cycle change. We co-hosted a 2 day seminar in April to reach out to the Builders and Contractors in the area to make them aware of these changes. We are continually updating our documents/handouts to reflect this change. The Anderson Home Builders Association has also published a letter that we put together for their monthly newsletter for June which highlighted some of the significant changes.

Development Standards

·         Working with developer on a new Quick Tripp Convenience Store located on Highway 153 and McNeely, next to the CVS in Powdersville. Developer will also be in contact with Roads and Bridges Department regarding Highway 153 Corridor Standards.

·         Working with developer on the completion of Pheasant Ridge Subdivision infrastructure completion.

·         GRADING PERMITS ISSUED: The Enclave @ Airy Subdivision and Rosehill Subdivision located off Three Bridges Road.

Fleet Services

·         6 Crown Victoria’s for the Sheriff’s Office has been sent off to be refurbished to accommodate the new School Resource Officers.  Estimated cost for each vehicle is $5,600.00.  This will include light bar upgrades and repaint.

·         Sheriff’s office received a new Chevy Suburban this week. It has been issued and is in service.

Planning & Community Development           

·         Wrote Public Notices for two rezoning applications to be advertised in the next few days.  Also performed research for staff reports and recommendation

·         Two staff attended Ten at the Top Upstate Professional Planners meeting in Greer. Topics included Regional RFI (Request for Information) Process for economic development, Infomentum, and how planners can help streamline the RFI process.  The RFI process is a major activity that occurs when an economic development prospect has an interest in a county and contact is initiated in the Economic Development Department of a county in South Carolina.  Speakers included staff from a private site search and selection firm, staff from Upstate Alliance, and the Greenville Area Development Corporation.

·         Two staff attended ANATS Policy Committee meeting.

·         In order to have a quorum, the District #5 Zoning Advisory Group meeting was rescheduled for July 8th at 6:30pm

·         Worked with Administrator’s Office to assist District 5 Councilman in appointments to fill out his Zoning Advisory Group

·         Prepared and posted public notices for two public hearings in July (District #4 – rezoning request on Clemson Blvd, near Denver Rd to be heard July 3rd and 9th and District #5 – rezoning request on Royal American to be heard July 8th and 9th)

·         Finalizing end of the fiscal year paperwork/files for new fiscal year beginning July 1st

·         Compiling a list of possible strategies relating to air quality (proposed new regulations will mean that Anderson County will be in non-attainment)

·         Worked with airport right-of-way and avigation easement appraisers regarding current airport overlay zones

Roads & Bridges

·         Airline Road (C-15-0120) Bridge Project: Silt basins were cleaned out all silt control was checked and corrected if needed, rough grading started north approach. All the prep work on the footing had to be redone after they were flooded in the heavy rains. We are hoping weather will allow us to start building the head wall on the north approach next week.

·         Ditching crew continued to receive flooding reports and their supervisor having to look at each request to see if anything can be done to the ditch to help control flooding in the future.  We are finding that most of the requests were due to the large amount of rain in a short period of time. One resident recorded over 9″ of rain in 4 hours.

·         Work on the East-West Parkway Park Benches began Monday.  The concrete pads will be placed next Tuesday, weather permitting.

·         Four staff visited a private subdivision in Pickens County that has used Reclamite asphalt rejuvenator on their pavements for several years to delay the aging process of the roads.  Four test locations of the product in Anderson County will be applied in late July so staff can evaluate its possible use on our newer roads to keep them in good condition longer.

·         Received subdivision plans to review for the proposed James Lake subdivision in Powdersville.

·         Vegetation crew continued mowing in the seven section of the county along with tree clean up after the evening storms.

Solid Waste      

·         Staff continues to work on the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan for the Starr C&D Landfill and the Anderson Regional MRF.

·         Solid Waste Mgr. attended the South Carolina Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector training in Clemson, SC this week in order to keep certification as required by DHEC.

·         Individuals broke into the Whitefield Convenience Center to take metal and batteries from the site. They also took metal from the Carswell Convenience Center. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted.

·         Staff did cleaning and maintenance at the Pendleton Recycle Center this week.

·         Staff repaired fence and trimmed tree limbs at the Townville Convenience Center.


·         An alternative SMS4 Stormwater General Permit was submitted to SCDHEC’s commissioner and staff. This alternative permit is a response to the unreasonable permit currently on public notice. The South Carolina Association of Stormwater Managers’ board and a group of 9 MS4s who drafted the permit submitted it together. The manager serves on the board and as a member of the group. The intent is to enlist the support of other MS4s before the close of the public notice period on June 27th.

·         Staff attended Clemson University’s Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI) recertification training in Clemson.

·         The annual comprehensive industrial stormwater inspection of the Public Works Facility was conducted.


·         Performed 3 residential sewer tap inspections in Brookstone Meadows Subdivision for lots 21, 41 and 34.

·         The metals test results came back this week from the lab and we are seeing a significant decrease in the numbers from our effluent at 6&20 WWTP. The zinc concentrations were 46 micrograms/liter 2 weeks ago and now they are 36 micrograms/liter. The high metals concentration appears to be coming from septic waste.

·         Scheduled a meeting next week with the motor shop to discuss repairs and financial responsibility on the pump from Starr pump station. The broken shaft was sent to a specialist to determine what caused the shaft to break. The results will be discussed during the meeting on Monday next week.

·         Replace a broken manhole lid that is in the road on highway 28 by-pass in front of 84 Lumber. We plan to replace the frame and lid in the near future. This manhole is in the tire path and is exposed to a lot of traffic. ROW also replaced a broken frame and lid in Powdersville while cutting sewer line.