Upgrade planned to help with low pressure


Williamston Town Council approved additional funding for a water line upgrade project to help customers of the Center St. area just off Beaverday Road get increased water pressure. Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said that residents of the area are served by the Williamston water system and have experienced the pressure problem since the lines were installed.

He said the residents have been promised over the last 12 to 15 years that the problem will be fixed.

The town received a grant of $30,000 to replace a water line in the area but hydraulic studies showed that replacing the line would not be enough to fix the pressure problem.

After additional studies, it was determined that in order to increase pressure to the neighborhood, a new supply line would need to be installed to the Anderson Joint Regional Water Authority line that supplies water to the town.

A new meter pit and guage was needed to monitor the flow of water and boring under Beaverdam Road.

After the study, $28,000 of the grant was rolled into a rural infrastructure grant program to complete the project. The additional cost will be $82,000.

Durham said the town is in the application process for the program which is offered through the SC Municipal Association

The program is designed to help small towns in revitalization and economic development efforts.

The Town is also looking at some upgrades in Mineral Spring Park.

A large tree which has caused a problem with the Bethlehem building has been removed this week. The Spring Water Committee is proposing a new wall mural for the structure.

The town is also looking at making improvements to the restroom buidlings, Durham said.

Plans are to repaint the buildings, add deodorizers and venting and standard metal restroom doors.

Durham said the town is also looking at the tennis court and basketball court areas of the park and how to deal with erosion problems throughout the park.