Williamston Police Report


Williamston police officers investigated the theft of tools and jewelry from area homes and shoplifting and other incidents at area businesses. Among incidents investigated were the following:

July 6 – A trespass notice was issued for 6 Hill St., Williamston for Chadwick Shaun Ridings, 31, Piedmont. Sgt./SRO L. D. Ritter investigated.

July 5 – Shirley Ann Quinton, 70, 15 Church St, #1-33 reported items missing from her apartment including a white gold ring, white gold marquise diamond ring, salt and pepper shakers, orange clothed doll, small ceramic doll, brown cigarette case, Suntrust bank card and medicaid card and fishing licenses.

Total value of the items was $640. Reports state a window appeared to be broken from inside the apartment. A. Eliopoulos investigated.

July 4 – Billy Ray Hawkins, 44, 8B Casey St,. Greenville was arrested for shoplifting at Dollar General, 526 West Main St. after being observed concealing items inside his pants. Items reported missing included T-shirts valued at $21 and a CD player valued at $17. Offices set up a perimeter and the suspect was found hiding in some bamboo near McDonald Ave and Payne St. J. Rogers investigated.

July 4 – Sarina Rochelle Thurmond Robinson, 42, 21 W Caroline St., Williamston was arrested for criminal domestic violence after an incident at the residence. M. E. Simmons investigated.

July 3 – Thomas Campbell, 29, 106 Harper St,. Williamston was tased four times in order to gain compliance after being involved in a fight which was broken up by Williamston officers. According to reports Campbell, who was covered in blood, approached officers in an attempt to get to the man he was fighting with.

After being tased, Campbell fell to the floor and did comply with officers. Williamston EMS transported him to the hospital due to the injuries received in the fight. No arrest was made. C. Whitfield investigated.

July 2 – Donald Rayford Brady, Jr., 50, 103 Belton Dr., Williamston was arrested for criminal domestic violence after an incident at 103 Belton Dr. J. Rogers investigated.

July 1 – Robert Vaughn, 64, 204 S. Hamilton St,. Williamston reported a solar powered sidewalk damaged. The item was valued at $50. A. Eliopoulos investigated.

June 30 – Jimmy F. Fletcher, 67, 100 W 1st St,. Williamston reported a screen on the front window of the residence damaged. C. Whitfield, M. E. Simmons investigated.

June 29 – David Harvell, 70, 1213 Dickens St,. Williamston reported $600 in damage and $25 in money taken from a coin operated dryer at 14 Greenville Drive. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 18 – Officers are investigating an incidence of a counterfeit check for $275.59 attempting to be passed by an unknown suspect at Ace Hardware, 29 Pelzer Ave., Williamston. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 28 – Upstate Federal Credit Union, 4 Roberts Blvd. reported that a deposit of $2080.52 was mistakenly made into another account. When the mistake was found several days later and withdrawn from the account, the account was left with a negative $2026.68 balance becaause the money had already been spent. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 27 – Kay Cox reported a metal building at 16 Mineral Park Lane missing. The 10×14 storage building was valued at $1000. A. Eliopoulos investigated.

June 26 – Patrick Patterson, 36, 103 Bruce St., Williamston reported a break-in in which items valued at $825 were removed. Missing items included three gold rings valued at $500, $150 and $175. D. Crawford investigated.

June 26 – A warrant was issued for Dovier Robert Rozer, 34, 120 Pomona Drive, Anderson for making obscene and harassing phone calls and texts to Dersiree Leigh Kurtz, 25, 106 Olivarri Dr, Anderson. The incident occurred at 207 W. Main St., in Williamston. R. Drennon investigated.

June 24 – Jerry Michael Elgin, 40, 3 Gray Dr., Willilamston reported a burglary in which tools and jewelry valued at $850 were stolen. Missing items included a Craftsman Socket Set valued at $150, Craftsman box end wrench set valued at $150, Sentry lock box $50, Gold Pulsar watch $100, gold necklace with triangular diamond pendant $200, BHP Class ring $100 and 2 Case pocket knives $100. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 23 – Benjamine Clyde Strickland, 67, 2 Shaw Dr. reported a cement lawn monkey valued at $25 and a yard flag valued at $30 removed from the yard. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 23 – Sav-Way, 309 E. Main St,. Williamston reported a white female with black hair took a pair of sunglasses valued at $10. She left in a black Hyundai Santa Fe with a paper tag. D. Crawford, T. D. Hoover investigated.

June 18 – Officers investigated an incident of malicious damage to town property in which gang signs were spray painted in the men’s restroom in Mineral Spring Park. Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.