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Anderson County Public Works Department Report – The heavy, persistent summer rains so far have taken a toll on the county’s manpower and equipment. Additional overtime and equipment repair costs will probably make significant budget transfers within and possibly between departments necessary.

Building & Codes

         Due to the recent heavy rains we have been having, we have received several calls to address stormwater run-off from existing job sites. Typically, once we receive a call a site inspection is scheduled the next business day to verify the non-compliance. Based on the severity of the run-off, a stop-work-order could be placed until the issue has been addressed.

         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 11 New Single-Family Dwelling and 6 addition/renovation; 10 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 5 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 4 Swimming Pool; 4 Commercial Including: Pelzer Hydro Electric – Storage Building, Relay Box for AT&T, Pendleton Sewer Lift Station, Electrical for Crossway Community Church – Storage Building; 10 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

        DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Electric City Mitsubishi – Sign, Michelin Monument Sign, Unity Church – HVAC and various resubmittals.

Development Standards

·         Working with FEMA on obtaining a HEC-RAS Model for Salem Creek due to the recent washout of Gerrard Road.

·         Working with engineer on the completion of Smith Farms Subdivision located on St. Paul Road. This subdivision was approved for 21 lots back in 2007 and has since been sold from the bank to a new owner. Development is anticipated to begin late summer to early fall.

·         Working with engineer on a variance on signage for the Family Dollar Retail Store in Williamston.

·         Secured new letter of credit for River Reserve Phase IV Subdivision located off Highway 153.

·         Working with homeowner on applying for a Special Exception with the Zoning Board of Appeals for a gunsmith business located on Dawn Drive in Belton. The property is zoned R-20(Residential Single-Family District) and is located within a residential subdivision.

·         Reviewed the City of Belton flood insurance policies for new requirements for Biggerts-Water Insurance Reform Act.

·         Presented staff report at Planning Commission Meeting for Ellison Place subdivision and Three Bridges Commons. Planning Commission unanimously approved Ellison Place Subdivision Preliminary Layout with a variance to allow for a reduction of building lot line requirements from 100’ to 80’.  45 residential lots are proposed. Three Bridges Subdivision located on Three Bridges Road was approved by a vote of 3 to 2 for the preliminary layout with a variance to allow for 5,500 square foot lots instead of 8,000 sq. serviced on sewer. 90 residential lots are proposed.

·         PLAN REVIEW: Charlie’s Auto Repair Shop located on Pine Road in Piedmont.

·         LAND USE PERMITS ISSUED: Southern Automotive located at Highway 29 South.

·         Compliance issues: Illegal automotive shop-Pine Road, Piedmont and Hamlin Road buffer compliance issue.

Fleet Services

·         Waste Water is in need of a turn-in trailer for a temporary platform at a lift station that keeps flooding with all the rain.  Fleet has taken an out of service trailer and got it usable for this situation.  It will be returned to the boneyard after all repairs to the site have been made.

·         Roads and Bridges Wacker trench roller has been down for repairs at an outside vendor for 2 months.  They are the only known local vendor capable of working on this specialized type of equipment.  As of this time no ETA has been given for the repair.

·         Fleet is currently working hard to get the June invoicing out.  We apologize for the delay!

·         Current Fuel Prices: Unleaded $2.90, E20 $3.05â, Diesel $3.25

Planning & Community Development           

·         Began preparations (i.e. room reservation) for an ACOG training session for Planning Commissioners, Board Members and certain staff to be held in the evening of August 26th at the library.

·         Conducted site reconnaissance of Abney Street Mill with County staff to decipher if anything could be done to bring site back into productive use for the community.

·         Worked with Development Standards staff to resolve a citizen concern about new construction materials in Olde Towne Village PD off Edgebrook Road.  Builder had not been made of aware of requirements of the PD for construction material standards and now will have to add them to his construction package.  Only one home had been started and was only in the foundation stage.

Roads & Bridges

·         All planned in-house project work was suspended due to the number of flooding work requests called in all week and extensive after hours work by crews.  Over 140 work requests were received by noon Thursday.

·         A 72″ concrete culvert on Gerrard Road (C-09-0068) and 72″ and 30″ corrugated metal culverts on Hattons Ford Road (C-08-0058) washed out early Tuesday morning.  Staff has investigated the sites and prepared pre-cast concrete box and culvert bid packages for quick bid response.  We are requiring a six-week fabrication schedule so that our crews can replace the culverts as quickly as possible.

·         Crews worked on securing the Chris Taylor Pond dam at the Civic Center several times this week.  A diversion trench was cut to release some of the water to prevent more damage to the earthen dam.

·         East-West Parkway benches were installed Wednesday and Thursday.

·         Pickens Construction will be delayed another week due to the weather and could not start work on the Full-Depth Patching/Single-Treatment Contract.

·         Delivered Cobb’s Glen Entrance Project bid package and 2013 Striping Contract bid package to purchasing for advertisement.

·         On-call crew received 29 after-hours call-outs, totaling 38 hours (18 trees across the road, 11 water over the road).

Solid Waste

·         The Whitefield and Carswell Convenience Centers were broken into this past weekend. Individuals were looking to take batteries, electronics and metal. The individuals at the Whitefield site were also breaking in a local business next door to the site but the owner of the business ran them off before they took anything at his business or at the Whitefield site. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

·         Staff repaired the compactor at the Craytonville Convenience Center this past Friday night (7/5/13) due to lightning running in on the system. The compactor needed to be repaired immediately due to handle the weekend traffic volume.

·         Staff did routine maintenance on the compactors at the Manse Jolly Road Convenience Center.


·         Plastic Omnium is out of compliance with their stormwater permit related to their current expansion. An inspection in response to a citizen complaint found significant amounts of sediment were released during recent rain events.

·         The stormwater detention pond at the former Santeens site is not discharging properly. Due to the excessive rainfall the pond has filled and overtops resulting in uncontrolled releases of stormwater. These releases are causing problems with a County wastewater pump station down gradient. The stormwater department is assisting in the determination of who is responsible and what needs to be done to correct the problem.

·         The stormwater department is assisting with the dam repair project at the Chris Taylor park pond. We are determining if the structure is a high hazard regulated dam by SCDHEC, and if so what permits need to be obtained. The problem is causing the pond to flood the walking track due to the excessive rainfall.


·         June Stats:

   C.A.T. 4U Route: 9,108 passengers (YTD 148,608)

   E.C.T. Gold Route: 3,215 passengers (YTD 38,351)


·         We had 3 pump stations affected by the heavy rain