Seems to Me . . . Zimmerman verdict


Journal Online Exclusive –  Seems to Me . . . Zimmerman verdict (July 17, 2013)

By Stan Welch

Well, well. It seems there may be some justice left in this country after all. A jury of six women found George Zimmerman not guilty on all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The case has been nothing more than a show trial all along. Zimmerman should never have been brought to trial, and wouldn’t have except for the interference of our beloved President, his soiled Department of Justice, and the usual collection of race baiters. Those would include, but not be limited to South Carolina’s own Jesse Jackson, the remarkably corrupt and racist Al Sharpton, the NAACP and the libmedia which beat the race drum until it was all that could be heard.

But six courageous women did hear something else. They heard the evidence and the legal arguments presented by both sides, and they found Zimmerman not guilty. That might seem like a happy ending to those of us who knew that Trayvon was in fact a seventeen year old with a record of bad conduct; a man child who stood over six feet tall and weighed more than 180 pounds.

He was not the sweet looking twelve year old whose outdated photo was clung to by the media far beyond the point of fairness. He was of a size and age to be capable of extreme violence; his portrayal as otherwise by the libmedia went beyond liberal bias to collusion in my opinion. Zimmerman should sue CNN, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC for their role in attempting to railroad him.

Nevertheless, the first prosecutor to review the case, as well as the police chief, saw the case as one of self-defense and chose not to charge Zimmerman, who was clearly injured during the incident; leading to his plea of self-defense. But then the president improperly involved himself, claiming that Trayvon could have been his own son.

BAM! The police chief and prosecutor were fired and a new prosecutor brought in, ostensibly with instructions to take Zimmerman to court on charges of murder. Jackson and Sharpton began circling like sharks, spreading the special brand of hatred and rabble rousing that both have perfected in the more than 40 years since Martin Luther King, the last real black leader this nation had, was killed.

The Department of Justice sent community resources personnel to Sanford FL, purportedly to help control any public reaction as the trial progressed. Not surprisingly, but outrageously, evidence has surfaced that those resources actually were agitators who spurred such public reactions, using taxpayers’ dollars to do so. I guess that’s what happens when you elect a community organizer as president.

But still the verdict was unanimous. Not guilty. As I said earlier, that should have been the end of it; but no one with any sense of the racist agenda of those involved believes that for a second. The NAACP is already calling for an investigation to determine whether Zimmerman might have violated Martin’s civil rights.

Eric Holder, has promised an investigation, despite the fact that Zimmerman’s actions don’t even meet the federal legal definition of a civil rights violation; and stand small chance of resulting in a conviction. But the issue is, how many shots do they get at a man already adjudged not guilty in a FL court of law?

Seems to me that if Trayvon’s civil rights were violated, that should have come up before now. Did they only become violated when Zimmerman was acquitted? If so, the threat of a trial becomes just another cheap shot intended to keep the issue alive and keep Obama’s voter base cranked up until the 2014 Congressional elections.

If the jury had convicted Zimmerman, you would have never heard about Trayvon Martin’s civil rights. For that matter, if Zimmerman were black, the case would have made page 14 of the Sanford newspaper and never gone any further. Black on black crime, while rampant, has no political cache, no promise of self-righteous posturing that can bring cash to the tax exempt coffers of the civil rights movement.

And what about Zimmerman’s rights? He has a right to expect that the legal results of his trial should put an end to his persecution.

How long will our president and his stooges continue to hound this man for their own political and racist agenda? How long will they continue to beat that race drum? Martin’s family is also likely planning a civil suit against Zimmerman, despite having already been awarded a million dollars from the crime watch group’s insurance provider. It’s nice to see them turning their “beloved” baby Trayvon into a cottage industry.

Seems to me it’s time to honor the legal system and its result in this case.