Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


July 26 – S.R. Wideman and J.T. Bowers responded to 1719 Circle Rd. where Chris Rasco, of the Powdersville Water Company reported that someone had cut the fence around a storage facility and stolen two batteries from solar signaling devices. The loss and the damage to the fence totaled $1100.

July 27 – G. Hunt responded to the Pizza Hut located at 3510 Hwy. 153 where a manager reported the theft of a ring of keys from the counter by two black males. The keys included keys to the restaurant and the manager asked that the business be closely watched.


July 25 – M.D. Creamer responded to a criminal domestic violence call at 21 McCraughrin St. where Anita Finchum claimed that her husband Michael Finchum had assaulted her during an argument. She said he had pushed her, choked her and beat her head against the truck until a side bracket on the mirror broke. Michael Finchum told a different story, stating that she slapped him a number of times until he left to drive to the Greenville Sheriff’s office to file a complaint. Neither party chose to press charges.

July25 – P. C. Henry, desk officer at ACSO, received a call from Jumeka Simmons, BF, of 205 Saluda Dr., Apt. 30 concerning the theft of several items of jewelry and a Ruger 9mm pistol from her vehicle. The jewelry included two diamond rings and some gold jewelry. The loss was estimated by Simmons at $10,300.


July 25 – P.C. Henry, desk officer at ACSO, received a report from Francis Garland, of 220 Bonanza Circle, that someone had broken into her garage and stolen Craftsman power tools and other items valued at $140.

July 26 – S.R. Wideman and J.T. Bowers responded to 215 Anderson St. where George Karas reported that several sections of fence which the sewer company had removed and placed beside his home while doing construction on the new lines had been stolen. The loss was estimated at $200.

July 27 – G.N. Hunt responded to 420 Pine Dr. where Allen Pepper reported the theft of his license plate from his truck. The loss was valued at $65.

July 28 – S.L. Steward investigated the theft of a Mossberg 20 ga. Shotgun and a small black safe from Kayla Owens. The loss was estimated at $760.

July 28 – B. Vaughn was dispatched to 514 Wren Rd. where Samuel Hawthorne, WM, 23, reported that a neighbor walked into his house and began yelling at him about one of Hawthorne’s friends being in his yard. Hawthorne said he tried to stand up to remove the neighbor from his house when he pulled a pistol and stuck it in Hawthorne’s eye, forcing him back to the chair.


July 27 – S.R. Wideman and S.L. Steward were dispatched to 107 Irby Rd. where Tom Forrester reported the theft of his Kawasaki Mule utility vehicle, valued at $9000. Whoever stole the vehicle left a blue and purple Roadmaster bicycle in its place.

July 28 – K. Evatt investigated a complaint at 101 Stevens Court of a storage building being broken into. A wallet with a SC ID in it was found at the scene. The identity was withheld by the Sheriff’s Office.

July 28 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 243 Paulan Rd. where Jennifer Smith reported that someone had broken into her house and stolen a desk top PC as well as a laptop computer from her home. A 42″ flat screen television was also stolen. The loss was estimated at $2100.

July 28 – J.G. Williams responded to a complaint of assault and battery at 323 McAlister Rd. Ricardo Salas stated that he and a friend had bet thirty dollars on a ball game and when Salas won, the friend allegedly stabbed him in the thigh with a pair of scissors before fleeing. Williamston EMS responded and transported Salas to AnMed for treatment. The case was to be presented to a magistrate.