First Day of School!


“In spite of rain and clouds, the first day back for students in Anderson One was great,” said Assitstant Superintendent Jane Harrison. “Students were excited to be back with friends and to be in new classes.”

All fourteen Anderson One schools had a seamless transition to the first day back, she said. The average daily attendence showed 9,246 students, 39 more students on the first day than last year.

“Everyone has worked hard to have the schools ready. Maintenance completed work to improve buildings over the summer. Custodians worked hard to have schools looking spotlessly clean. The cafeteria staff was well prepared to start feeding students,” Hairrson said.

Guidance Counselors were continuing to register new students at many of the schools.

Harrison said there was some anxiety from some students and parents. “Students starting school for the first time were a little more anxious and there were tears from some students and parents,” she said. “It didn’t take long for the students to overcome their anxiety. Teachers at all grades have a unique set of skills to make students feel welcome and safe in their classroom.”

Benny Bridges, Director of Transportation said there were no major bus related problems other than getting the first day procedures down. “Most of our buses average 15 years old so the potential is there for problems during the year. It would be nice if the state could fund a better replacement cycle.”

School District One will have more resource officers this year. Each high school and middle school will have a resource officer onsite all day. Elementary schools will have a resource officer who will be present everyday for certain unannounced periods of time.