Wilson denied Council chairmanship, again


Dunn elected Chair

By Stan Welch

For the second year in a row, a bid to make District Seven Councilwoman Cindy Wilson the chairwoman of the Anderson County Council failed Tuesday night.

Wilson’s longtime allies on the Council Eddie Moore and incumbent Chairman Francis Crowder led the effort. Moore said he was proud and honored to place her name in nomination, pointing out that except for District Two Councilwoman Gracie Floyd, Wilson has the longest term of service.

Crowder gave Wilson, the current vice chairman, a glowing second. “Ms. Wilson has served with tenacity, which is a word I do not use lightly,” said Crowder. “She has been on the firing line for a long time, and has been misunderstood and vilified for her service to her constituents.”

District Six Councilman Ken Waters then placed District Five Councilman Tommy Dunn’s name in nomination, a nomination seconded by Floyd. Floyd, whose adversarial relationship with Wilson is well established, took a jab at Wilson, saying that after so much turmoil on the Council, someone like Dunn, whom she described as ‘inclusive’, was needed to pull the Council back together.

Reflecting a clear division of the Council, the vote was four to three against Wilson and for Dunn, who assumed the gavel and quickly opened the nominations for vice chairman. Moore quickly placed Wilson’s name in nomination, seconded by Crowder. District Four Councilman Tom Allen nominated Waters, with Floyd providing the second.

In an identical vote, Wilson was denied the vice chairmanship, and Waters was elected to that post.