Williamston police investigate numerous auto break-ins


Williamston Police Officers investigated at least 10 car break-ins in the Woodmere Court Royal Drive and Ridge Ct. area of town during the first week of January. There were also two vehicles stolen during the period, both of which were recovered. Among incidents investigated were the following:

Dec. 24 – Zoey Os, 505 West Main St., Williamston reported the front window of the store shot with a pellet gun causing approximately $400 in damage. Sgt. C. Whitfield investigated.

Jan 4 – Lynn Shaw, 58, 6 E4th St., Williamston reported an antique rocking chair and a charcoal grill removed from the front porch. The items were valued at $130. Sgt. C. Whitfield investigted.

Jan. 3 -Christopher Wayne Ellison, 51, 305 W. Main St, Williamston reported a 1997 Hunter Green Isuzu Rodeo stolen from the property. Reports state the vehicle was unsecure and the key was stuck in the ignition, which was broken. The vehicle was valued at $4000. The vehicle was later recovered by Anderson County Sheriff’s Office at Keystone Dr. at Old Williamston Rd. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Jan 5 – Curtis Wayne Brock, 59, 1 Ridge Ct,. Williamston reported someone entered his 1995 Ford Ranger and took various tools and a battery charger. The missing items were valued at $500. J. B. Sanders investigated.

Jan. 5 – Marcia Denise Scroggs, 40, 38 Woodmere Ct, Williamston reported someone broke into her Dodge Durango. Missing items included a box of personal checkbooks. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 5 – Dury Simpson, 36, 36 Woodmere Ct. reported someone entered his 2007 Chevrolet. Nothing was reported missing however the dash was open and papers had been moved about. J. B. Sanders investigated.

Jan. 5 – Timothy Douglas Broome, 39, 123 Royal Dr., Williamston reported his Dodge and a Kia Sorento were both entered. There were no signs of forced entry. A Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun in a camo holster valued at $500 was taken from the Dodge. Also reported missing were hip waders valued at $110 and a camo jacket valued at $85. J. B. Sanders investigated.

Jan. 5 – Rockey Daniel Burgess, 38, 119 Royal Ct., Williamston reported a 2005 Honda Odyssey Van valued at $9000 taken from the driveway. The stolen vehicle was recovered approximately an hour after clearing the incident location when a resident on Tripp St. reported an unknown vehicle parked in her driveway. A Vera Bradley diaper bag and a pair of black leather gloves were reported missing from the vehicle. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan 5 – Tracy Wallace, 136 Royal Dr., Willliamston reported someone entered his Ford Explorer. Nothing was reported missing, however papers that were in the dash were scattered onto the front seat. M. S. Simmons investigated.

Jan 5 – Vickie Bannister, 58, 307 Mill St., reported a cardboard box with tools, reflective vests and a black baseball bat found beside her vehicle. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 5 – While investigating several auto break-ins in the area, officer M. E. Simmons observed a vehicle at 54 Ridge Court with the driver side door open and papers scattered in the vehicle.

Jan. 5 – Matthew Johnson, 38, 52 Ridge Ct,. Williamston reported someoned entered his vehicle. Nothing of value was reported missing. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 5 – Jennifer Barnes, 32, 129 Royal Dr., Williamston reported a Chevrolet Tahoe broken into. Nothing of value was reported missing. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 8 – Derrick Keith Owens, 51, 5 Washington St., Williamston reported being assaulted. Following investigation, officers reported they would seek a warrant for an individual. J. Rogers investigated.

Jan. 8 – Claudia Hernandez, 38, 1206 Dickens Ave. Williamston reported a 5×8 utility trailer valued at $1000 taken from the property. Sgt. C. Whitfield investigated.

Jan. 10 – While investigating a shoplifting incident at Dollar General, officers found numerous Carhartt clothing items with ACE Hardware price tags on them in a vehicle. It was later determined the items, valued at $200, were missing from ACE Hardware, 29 Pelzer Ave. in Williamston.

Two men were arrested for the shoplifting incident at Dollar General. J. Rogers investigated.

Jan. 12 – Goody’s, 17 Pelzer Ave. Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which a white male had walked out of the business with a pair of shoes valued at $50. M. E. Simmons, J. B. Sanders investigated.

Jan. 9 – Christie Patrick, 31, 416 Belton Dr., #D5 Williamston Town house Apartments reported vandalism to the back door of her apartment by a black marker. Damage was estimated at $100. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 10 – Steven Michael Konduros, 26, 23 Courtney St., Williamston was arrested for autobreaking following an incident in which Lee Dalton, 22 Spring St,. Williamston reported confronting a subject who was going through papers in the console of his truck. Dalton followed the man who was reaching into his pockets and removing items and throwing them. When officers contacted the man, he was making statements that did not make sense. EMS transported Konduros on suspicion of him being under the influence of an unknown substance. J. Rogers, Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Jan. 10 – Joy Belt Zack, 34, 105 Sterling Bridge Rd., Greenville was arrested for shoplifting at ACE Hardware after being bserved taking a pair of gloves valued at $30 from the store without paying for them. M. E. Simmons, Lt. K. Ebernickle investigated.

Jan. 9 – Paul Eugene Ferguson, 59, 116 L St. Williamston reported a bed liner valued at $250 removed from his Chevy S-10 pickup. Sgt. T. D. Hoover investigated.