Seems to Me . . . Good News


By Stan Welch

Well, today is one of those days when I am really glad for cable television. Tonight is the State of the Union speech by whatshisname; and because I have so many channels to choose from, I will be able to avoid the fifty or so that will show the speech and all the talking heads explaining the speech to America.

Ordinarily, I would find it insulting to realize that CNN, CBS, NBC, C-SPAN,FOX, The Home Shopping Network, the Food Channel, Nick at Night and the Weather Channel all think that Americans are too dumb to figure things out on our own. Of course, after seeing whatshisname elected not once, but TWICE, it’s hard to be insulted by any presumptions of stupidity anymore.

Nevertheless, I have my own idea of the state of the union; and I don’t expect the viewpoint of someone who hasn’t personally bought a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk, or pumped ten gallons of gas, in the last ten years to match up with mine.

In my state of the union review, I see fifty million Americans – and illegals – on food stamps; a labor force smaller than at any time since the Carter administration; an administration that consistently picks and chooses which laws it will enforce or obey; a national debt of seventeen trillion dollars; and a society that is more concerned with letting homosexuals marry than in stopping the abortion of approximately a million and a half babies each year.

I see a military that is shrinking, even as our nation’s enemies grow stronger and bolder. I see an administration and Congress that has cut the benefits of veterans to fund additional benefits for those who sit on their butts and do nothing. I see an administration that cannot – or will not secure our nation’s borders.

I mentioned the Carter administration earlier. That was when the Iranians held Americans hostage for hundreds of days. Now, forty years later, Iran thumbs their nose at us, backed by Russia and accommodated by whatshisname and his administration.

I see al-Qaida, supposedly decimated, renewing attacks all over the Middle East and Africa. I see federal power used and abused by whatshisname to harass and attack his political enemies, and to spy on the American people and her allies as well. I see a president who casually and routinely ignores the separation of powers, improperly imposing his agenda by executive order; and sadly, I see a Congress too lacking in resolve or in patriotism to do anything about it.

I see constant attacks on American freedoms that were unthinkable ten years ago, attacks launched by the very powers entrusted with protecting them. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from invasion of privacy, the right to bear arms; all these and more have been eroded to an alarming degree in the last ten years.

I see a nation drifting off course, away from the founding principles that in just a few centuries created the greatest nation that this planet has ever seen, or ever will see. And I see the deliberate efforts to destroy that nation, as revealed by whatshisname in his first campaign, when he said “America is the greatest nation on earth, and I want to fundamentally change it.”

And for those who say I only run down whatshisname, let me give credit where credit is due. He set out to ruin this country and his plans are working beautifully.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is there’s an NCIS marathon on tonight.