Pelzer native releases film shot in upstate, at USC


A local award-winning filmmaker has produced a film which is now available wordwide. Pelzer native Donna R. Clark recently released her film “Midnight Cabaret” which is available on Amazon’s Instant Video and is available to watch on PS3, Xbox, Kindle Fire and other media. The film is about a college senior who embarks on an exciting journey of self-discovery after an encounter with his high school bully.

Clark is part of a local film community and the recently founded Jade Castle Studios, a networking hub of local filmmakers in Greenville.

She not only wrote the film, she also produced, directed, shot and edited the film—she even designed the film’s cover art.

The film stars Spartanburg-native and aspiring pop artist/ musician Brandon Hilton and rising L.A. actor Jason Mac (The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Castle).

“Midnight Cabaret” was shot in the upstate area and on the USC campus in Columbia, SC (where Donna graduated in 2006 with honors in media arts).

“Midnight Cabaret” was originally a final project for an advanced screenwriting course during her senior year. She recalls, “I remember the last day of class. As the professor was giving back our graded scripts, he told the entire class that “Midnight Cabaret” was the best-directed screenplay he’s ever read!”

This gave Clark the inspiration to produce the film.

“I’m glad I made Midnight Cabaret! In the beginning a few people told me I couldn’t do it!Yes, it was a lot of work and a huge challenge to produce, but I never gave up, and now it’s picking up,” Clark said. “It feels great knowing people around the world are loving it!”

Clark said she believes the film industry’s local growth will benefit the upstate’s economy, and Greenville has a variety of scenic locations for shooting film. In the past, she has worked for SCETV in Columbia, S.C. and Season 7 of American Idol. Her production company, label me. productions (spelled in lowercase letters), is currently in development with a horror film and plans to shoot a good portion of the film in South Carolina.