Shooting stemmed from argument


The triple homicide shooting in Pelzer Wednesday stemmed from a verbal altercation which ensued between Jared Michael Williams and her brother, according to a statement by the fourth victim who survived the shooting.

According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Tara Diane Hendricks told deputies that she was inside the house at 104 Law St. when a verbal altercation ensued between the alleged shooter, Jared Michael Williams, and her brother. The report did not state what the argument was about.

Jared Michael Williams
Jared Michael Williams

Hendricks said the verbal altercation become heated and Williams pulled out a handgun and shot her brother. He then shot another victim in the house and then her.

According to the report, Hendricks hid under a bed as Williams waited for the last victim to enter the residence and he shot her as soon as she entered. The shooter then fled the scene in a dark green Chevrolet truck.

Hendricks ran to a neighbor’s house at 7 McCaughrin St. for help. She is currently hospitalized at Greenville Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.