Ron Wilson files for divorce


By Stan Welch

Convicted felon and Ponzi scheme con artist Ron Wilson has filed for a divorce from his wife of forty six years, according to media reports and documents filed in the Spartanburg Clerk of Court’s office.

Wilson, who is serving a term for two counts of mail fraud in connection with a fifty seven million dollar Ponzi scheme based on investments in silver bullion, claimed in his divorce filing that he and his wife Cassie, had lived “apart without cohabitation since November 13, 2012”, the year he entered a federal minimum security prison in Florida.

Wilson, who is expected to serve at least fifteen more years before being released, is currently not shown as being at that or any other federal facility.

A source familiar with Wilson’s circumstances told The Journal that he was in transit to testify at a court case, as he is required to do by the terms of his plea bargain, when the defendant or defendants made their own guilty plea, thereby making Wilson’s testimony unnecessary. According to the source, Wilson is en route back to resume his sentence.