Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated thefts from homes and businesses in the area including the following:


March 28 – B.S. Chandler responded to 508 Woodcock Rd. where Ronald Holbrooks asked that his son, Benjamin Holbrooks, be placed on trespass notice for the property. He was.

March 29 – C.M. Turner was dispatched to 194 Easley Highway where Joseph Geneloni, Jr. reported the theft of his 5’X8’ utility trailer, valued at $600.

March 31 – P.D. Marter responded to the Fred’s on Hwy. 20 where store employees reported that a white male in his twenties was seen secreting items on his person. When confronted, he grabbed two Igloo coolers and fled towards Pelzer.


March 28 – C.P. Huff responded to 239 Cotton Gin Rd. where Bruce Bufford reported that he had arrived at home to find his front door kicked in. He called 911 and waited for a deputy. Huff cleared the house. Nothing of importance was taken.

March 28 – T.A. McCarley was dispatched to 116 Flicker Dr., Lot 9, where Rossa Goss, WF, 27 reported that her boyfriend had entered the home and began to beat her. She begged him to stop and he did. The boyfriend’s identity was withheld by the ACSO.

March 29 – C.M. Turner responded to Tate Steel, at 613 Hurricane Creek, where John Williams reported the removal/theft of the HVAC unit, valued at $10,000.

C.P. Huff was dispatched to 611 Wren School Rd. where Janette Potts, WF, 79 reported that shortly after several family members had visited her, she discovered a number of items valued at $25,000, to be missing.

March 29 – M.D. Creamer responded to 206 Ranch Circle where Ernest Grimes reported the theft of a pistol and plastic case from his home. The loss was estimated at $250.

March 30 – A.F. Acevedo was dispatched to 145 Reserve Dr. where Brian Paben reported the vandalizing of his home, including egging and a rock thrown through a window.

March 31 – P.D. Marter responded to Opperman Webbing of Piedmont, at 129 Hollow Dr. where Roland Hossli reported the theft of 14 33.5 gallon propane tanks, with fuel. The tanks were valued at $2500.

March31 – P.C. Henry responded to 120 River Rd. Circle where Paul Jewett reported the theft of a .40 Caliber Glock handgun, valued at $500.

March 31 – P.D. Marter responded to a report of a vehicle parked in the middle of the road on Bonanza Circle. Upon arrival he found Ed Posey, BM, 64, 5’9’, 190 pounds asleep in the car. Posey said he was just napping, but he had a strong smell of alcohol and damage to the right front of his car.

Marter contacted the SCHP and Trooper Nelson arrived to assume the investigation. Posey was arrested for DUI and taken into custody.


March 28 – J.F. Marano received a report in the lobby of the ACSO headquarters about an incident that took place on March 24. According to reports, Melody Schrader, WF, 49, reported that her husband, identity and description withheld by the ACSO, had beaten and kicked her several times in the abdomen.


March 30 – J. Glenn responded to 4408 Hwy. 86, where Rick Deweese reported the theft of his license plate from his truck, while he was at church. The plate number is BUP322.

March 31 – J.E. Scott and A.C. Guthrie were dispatched to the Spinx station at 3601 Hwy. 153, where store employee Zachary Williams reported that a black male, 45-50 years old, bald, wearing gray pants and a black jacket with gray sleeves and hood, had stolen three cases of beer and left in a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse bearing SC tag # JZD718.