Debate planned for County Council candidates


Seat 26 – South Greenville

By Stan Welch

The candidates for Greenville County Council Seat 26 will gather in the Moonville area at seven p.m. on April 14, for a debate.

Four Republican candidates and one Democrat will participate. Present will be Republican candidates Ed Poore of Piedmont, Lyn Ballard, Buddy Dyer, and Todd Fredrick. Democratic candidate Windell Rogers will also be on hand.

The debate will be held at the Ruritan Building on Augusta Road, just south of the cemetery. The format is as follows.

The audience will have forty five minutes to ask questions directly of the various candidates. The candidate originally questioned will have two minutes to respond. Any other candidates rebutting that original response will have one minute.

After the forty five minute opening session, there will be a short break, and then the candidates will question each other. Each candidate can bring 25 supporters if they wish.

Candidate Ed Poore, currently the chairman of the Piedmont Public Service Commission, said the main issue in the area is crime, law enforcement and the need for a greater presence by the appropriate law enforcement agencies. “These folks are just tired of having their homes burglarized, and their property stolen. On top of that, the presence of drugs in their communities is having a terrible impact. They deserve better protection, and they intend to have it.”