Piedmont Fire District gets lower ISO rating


Now at ISO 2

By Stan Welch

The Public Protection Classification awarded to the Piedmont Fire Department has recently been adjusted from an ISO rating of 3 down to 2, according to Piedmont Public Service Commission Chairman Ed Poore.”This is the first change in the department’s rating in quite some time, and we are very pleased to share this news with our citizens.”

The change is an improvement, based on the Insurance Service Organization’s scale. The change can affect insurance premiums for individual homeowners in some cases, but is more likely to benefit commercial and industrial property owners.

According to Chief Tracy Wallace, three main factors played a role in the new rating, which had remained unchanged since the mid 1990s.

“We moved our communications to the South Greenville Department, which improved our communications as well as freed up more manpower for us to respond to calls, said Wallace.

“We have also seen significant improvements in our water system under ReWa, with a better supply and higher pressures. We also work very hard to train our firefighters and we have a great bunch here.”