Seems to Me . . . A bad week


By Stan Welch

You know, sometimes things can go wrong and get you down. A tire goes flat; your dog bites the mailman; your girl doesn’t appreciate your candor when she asks “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?” Suddenly, you’re having a terrible week, and it’s only Tuesday. Take heart, my friends! Do not despair. It could be worse . . . much worse. You could be President of the United States.

Talk about your bad weeks. Let’s see, as Iraq crumbles beneath the attacks of every bunch of camel riding Islamic jihadists you can name, the Prez is focused like a laser on the issue of global warming, and not surprisingly, blaming it all on those darn Republicans. They just won’t go along with his vision of a world where aircraft carriers have sails and solar panels.

The problem is that recent studies indicate that geothermal heat from deep within the earth is causing the polar ice caps to melt, and not those dirty old greenhouse gases. But never one to let facts interfere with a noble cause, the Prez plows ahead.

But perhaps he doesn’t see Iraq as a real problem, since our good friend Iran has offered to step in. You remember Iran. That’s the country where the modern Islamic revolution began, when we deserted the Shah of Iran and watched helplessly as our embassy was overrun and Americans were held hostage for well over a year. That was under Jimmy Carter, the former worst president America has ever had.

That would be Iran, which has aided the jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan, provide IED components and military expertise to help the Islamists kill Americans more efficiently. I mean, who better to give access to and influence in OPEC’s fourth largest oil producing nation than the Russian puppet state, Iran?

But at least we’re already evacuating the Embassy in Baghdad. Apparently, someone in the administration learned something from Benghazi. The world’s largest embassy, completed just a couple of years ago at a cost of one billion taxpayers’ dollars, will soon be used to house goats and other interesting species.

So, not only is the leader of the free world missing the biggest event on the globe, but he is steadfastly ignoring the latest scientific evidence in order to do so. Oh but wait, it’s early. We haven’t even gotten to the increasing stream of illegal immigrants that the Prez has enticed – not invited, enticed – to cross our borders.

In his latest move to ignore the laws Congress has passed, and to circumvent those they haven’t passed, the Prez has his ICE agents lading all these women and children on buses in Texas and shipping them to no, not Mexico! No, they are being bussed to Arizona, where they are simply being dumped into bus terminals that are completely inadequate.

According to AZ Democratic Congressman Frank Cuellar, who spent several hours talking with federal agents and the illegals, family units and pregnant women are being given bus tickets to anywhere in the United States where they have family. They are told to report back to Arizona in ninety days for their hearings. Even Cuellar laughed at that. Since then, the Harry Reid led Senate has proposed $1.7 billion in emergency aid to give to these folks.

Finally, to top off one of the worst weeks an American president has had since JFK decided to go to Texas, Obama sat quietly by as the IRS suddenly discovered that they had lost all those e-mails that the Congressional committee has been demanding for two years. Those would be all of former IRS director Lois Lerner’s emails that reportedly dealt with her instructions, both given and received, about how to deal with conservative political organizations and their requests for tax exempt status.

So if you’re like me, and you’ve had a rough week or two, just remember, at least you aren’t Obama. And it’s Bush’s fault the jeans made her look fat.