Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Aug. 10 – C. S. Hayes received a telephone report from Kimberly Rey, of 105 Southern Oaks Dr., that someone had broken into her vehicle and stolen her purse.

Aug. 10 – P.D. Marter responded to the Southern Oaks Golf course at 105 Southern Oaks Dr. where Derick Rudy and Tia Batson reported that someone had broken into a vehicle and stolen several items including her purse and a handgun. The loss was estimated at $860.


August 9 – S.R. Davis was dispatched to the BiLo store in reference to someone with a gun. Upon arrival, he contacted the West Pelzer Police, who had also responded. WPPD Chief Mike Clardy reported that Mary Turner, WF, 36, 5’2″, 160 pounds, of Anderson had been found sitting on a bench in front of the store, with a backpack and a shotgun. The shotgun was secured and a search of the backpack revealed 17 grams of methamphetamine, as well as syringes and scales. Turner was taken into custody.

Aug. 10 – J. Velez responded to 151 Tollison Rd. where Charles Allison reported the burglary of his home.


Aug. 8 – C.C. Brazier responded to 125 Lowe Rd. where Willis Holcombe reported the theft of construction materials valued at $2360 from two residential sites at that area.

Aug. 9 – J. Velez responded to the Dollar General at 602 Anderson St. where an employee reported that three young white men had stolen six twenty pound bags of dog food from in front of the store. The loss was set at $50.

Aug. 10 – J.J. Jacobs and C.C. Brazier, working independently of one another, apprehended two males and a female associated with the theft of a truck from Greenville County. Jacobs located and arrested Tenille Gonzalez, WF, 27 5’3″, 120 pounds, of Williamston following a complaint that she and two males were in the Shell station trying to borrow money to buy gas for their truck. He saw a white male fleeing the store and set up a perimeter. Deputy Vaughn subsequently captured Matthew Ralph, WM, 21, of Greer, who was wanted by the GCSO on a warrant.

Aug. 10 – J. Velez was dispatched to 2100 Hwy. 86 to the Spinx gas station. Danielle Wilford reported that a male had approached her as she pumped gas and asked for some quarters to put air in his tire. He subsequently snatched her purse and fled.

Aug. 10 – S.R. Davis responded to 805 Easley Hwy where Katie Black reported that her husband had left the car at that location because it ran out of gas. When he returned the next day, it had been broken into and electronic items valued at $175 were missing.


Aug. 8 – P.C. Henry received a telephone complaint from Aaron Johnson, of Greenville, stating that someone had used his identity to open a service account with Charter Communications at the address of 2131 Beaverdam Road.

Aug. 9 – B. Vaughn responded to 1915 Welcome Rd. where Michael Perry reported the theft of his Husqvarna weedeater valued at $140.

Aug. 10 – J. Velez responded to Lot 5, 825 Joe Black Rd. where Rhonda Suttles reported receiving harassing phone calls from a female she has trouble with before. Later in the day, P.D. Marter was dispatched to the same location where Suttles reported that the female, who is her current boyfriend’s ex girlfriend (name and description withheld) had come by and had assaulted her, tearing her clothing and striking her in the face with her cell phone. Marter intended to seek a warrant from a magistrate.

Aug. 10 – A.G. Banister was dispatched to 1 Pamela Dr. where Ashley Taylor reported that someone had slashed the top on her vehicle. The damage was estimated at $1500.