Town Council holds pre-meeting worksession


By David Meade

During a worksession Tuesday, Williamston Town Council discussed several items that will be on the agenda at the next meeting of Council, Monday Sept. 8. Several items were tabled during the August meeting due to a lengthy meeting.

During the worksession, Williamston Mayor Mack Durham presented council with a water filter which he said he would like to consider making available to the town’s residents.

Durham said the filter is an alternative to a one time $10 reduction in the water bill which Councilman Rockey Burgess had indicated he would like for council to consider. Burgess had said that he wanted to offer residents something because of recent taste and odor problems experienced by water customers.

The water problems were associated with algae at the ARJWS treatment intake on Lake Hartwell which began earlier this year.

Durham said it would be a gesture of goodwill instead of a refund which may set a precedent for the future.

There was discussion about sending out a RFP for nuisance abatement and grass cutting on properties in the town.

There was discussion on meter reading. Mayor Durham said he would like to see the town eventually go to radio read meters and GIS mapping of the town’s infrastructure.

Durham said Williamston Historic Commission member Jonathan Fowler will make a presentation and possible funding request for a project at the next council meeting.

The Palmetto Band is expected to make a request to hold a 5K run on Hamilton St.

Council is also expecting information to be presented by the Planning Commission on signs.

The town is considering wayfinding signs as part of the Main Street Program and is looking at ways to allow businesses located off Main Street to have placards placed on the signs.

The commission is also looking at options to temporary signage in SCDOT rights-of-ways.

The town is planning to remove lettering from the former National Guard Armory building. Mayor Durham and Councilman Burgess both indicated they would like to see the letters reused in some way. Durham said he would also like to see a memorial for the Veterans and National Guard members who served there.

Durham said the town attorney is working on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the possible sale of old water tank property on West Main St. The mayor said the document would address what needs to be done to the property should someone want to purchase it.

There was discussion about the Gatewood road status, where a drain pipe is washing out.

The mayor mentioned that B. J. Tompkins will be heading signups and programing for the town’s recreation program this fall. Durham said Tompkins will be working with coaches and conducting signups. Tompkins also heads the Pelzer Recreation program. The two programs will remain separate, Durham said.