Piedmont firefighters receive training


PPSD Monthly Report

By Stan Welch

The Piedmont Public Service Commission held its monthly meeting Monday night, and moved quickly through a routine agenda.

Commissioner Lib Pack reported that the community building had generated six hundred twenty dollars in rental revenues in August.

Commissioner Rudy Rhodes and Chief Tracy Wallace informed the Commission that the lawn care contractor had made significant headway on catching up the work called for by the contract. The Commission voted last month to invoke the thirty days notice to the contractor responsible for cutting the grass at the ball fields and the fire houses.

The contract requires that the Commission give thirty days notice before termination. The contractor had fallen behind due to some personnel issues, but Wallace stated Monday night that almost all the mowing was caught up and the contractor was “back on the right track.” Wallace added that the thirty day notice has now been invoked and will continue to be in force.

Commissioner Al McAbee gave the report for the fire department. The department answered a total of eleven fire calls in August, including structure, grass and vehicle fires. They also responded to four motor vehicle accidents and twenty eight medical calls.

Chief Wallace reported that the department received training in the areas of safety gear, and self contained breathing apparatus, while Assistant Chief Craig Lawless received training in FEMA grants. Lawless also said that newly elected Greenville County Councilman Lynn Ballard had been by to talk with him and Chief Wallace and to see what kind of funds for station maintenance might be available from the GCC.

Commission Chairman Ed Poore reported that the District’s finances were as to be expected. “This time of year we always spend more than we bring in because of the tax collection process. The auditors will be in the first week of October and we expect to see a good result from their review.”