District One students perform well on EOC Exam assessments


End of Course scores were recently released by the State Department of Education. Anderson District One students performed well on all 2013-14 EOCEP assessments. Students scored well enough to secure the third highest score in the state on the Algebra I assessment with 96.8 percent passing, up from 93.6 last year. This well surpasses the state average of 85.5 percent.

US History scores for Anderson One improved significantly from 2013 to 2014. The percentage of students passing the test went from 73.9 in 2013 to 80.1 passing the assessment for 2014, the fourth highest score in the state.

Superintendent David Havird commented, “We are pleased that the district average far exceeds the state average for the EOC test. Teachers have set higher expectations and raised the rigor in these courses resulting in positive results.”

Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction said, “Teachers in Anderson One are never content with status quo and are committed to improving the teaching and learning process. Our teachers are excellent and are very effective in their respective content areas. They are very conscientious in their efforts to ensure students are successful.”  

Anderson One students at the high school and select students at the middle level are required to participate in the End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP). Students are required to take ELA, Math, US History and Biology. The EOCEP is given at the conclusion of the course. The test counts as 20 percent of the student’s final grade.

Anderson One Passage Rates (2014) on each of the four categories tested were as follows: Algebra 1 – 96.8; Biology 1- 88.9; English 1- 86.5; U.S. History and the Constitution – 80.