Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Oct. 3 – J. Cullen responded to 113 Poinsettia Court where Johnny Suther report the theft of his mobile stainless steel cooker, valued at $11,000. The cooker was black, on mag wheels with a Gamecock sticker on the side.

Oct. 4 – B. Surratt responded to a business located at 7801 Old Greenville Hwy. where Jimmy Sullivan had detained a trespasser. The trespasser, identified only as Sammy Coyle, said he was waiting for his mother to meet him there. He was placed on trespass notice, but no arrest was made.

Oct. 5 – P.D. Marter responded to 102 East Pond Dr. where Treyton Sims, BM, 21 reported that he and a friend, name and description, withheld, had been in a fight.

Oct. 5 – J.R Brunson was dispatched to 129 Wyatt Oak Court where Craig Gardner, WM, 47, 5’11″, 220 pounds and Daryl Culbertson, WM, 44, 5’9″, 147 pounds admitted being in a fight after Culbertson’s dogs went into Gardner’s yard. Neither pressed charges, but both were placed on trespass notice from the other’s property.


Oct. 3 – P.C. Henry met with Joyce Miller of Anderson who reported two incidents where someone used her AmEx card at the Pelzer Bi-Lo to obtain a total of $1148 in goods and services.

Oct. 4 – S.D. Cole responded to 109 Law St. where James Carter reported the theft of his S&W .40 caliber handgun from his home. The loss was estimated at $793.

Oct. 5 – S.D. Cole responded to 106 Law St. where Ginger Craine, WF, 32, reported that she and her estranged husband and child’s father, name and description withheld, had been in an altercation and he damaged her car and yanked an earring from her ear. He denied doing that and no arrests were made. The case was to be presented to a magistrate for possible action.


Oct. 3 – J.M. Culbertson responded to the Executive Inn at 546 McNeely Road where Sydni Cater, WF, 27 reported that a man had come to her motel room door and beat on it until she opened it. He then forced his way inside and robbed her at gunpoint before fleeing in a burgundy pickup truck with an ATV in the back. Her loss was $200.

Oct. 3 – J.R. Brunson responded to 102 Sonny St. where Robert Gilreath reported that someone entered his house and stole electronics, tools and household goods valued at $1250.

Oct. 3 – D. McQueen was dispatched to 1805 Highway 86, where Jonathan Cox, of Palmetto’s Finest Landscapes reported the theft of his utility trailer, valued at $2500.

Oct. 3 –P.D. Marter retrieved a .45 caliber HiPoint handgun from Patricia Ramsey, of 226 Smith St. She said that an acquaintance named Pooch had left it with her and told her to turn it in to the police. The gun was stolen in Laurens county over two years ago.

Oct. 4 – J. Cullen responded to 212 Middleton Place Dr., Apt. A34 where Richard Gordon reported that someone had forced entry into his home and stolen a variety of items. The loss was set at $281.

Oct. 5 – D. McQueen was dispatched to 7-D Kaylyn’s Way where Yvonne Waters, of Columbia, reported that someone had entered her vehicle and stolen a number of items valued at $850 while she was visiting her daughter.


Oct. 4 – J.R. Brunson responded to the mostly undeveloped Cox Farms subdivision off of Spearman Road, where James Lusk had reported finding explosive devices. Two pipe bombs, a fuse and other items were found at the intersection of Elise Court, a cul de sac off of the main road, Jacob Lee Dr. The bombs were detonated by the ACSO bomb squad.

Oct. 5 – A.G. Banister responded to 101 Lee Dr. where Orlando Botello reported that his stepson, name and description withheld, had assaulted him.

Oct. 5 – A. G. Banister responded to 125 Old Field Circle where Melissa Ferguson reported that her neighbor, name and description withheld, had slapped her during an argument about their children. Neither would press charges.