Town requesting funds for Gatewood entrance


The Anderson County Transportation Committee will meet Monday, Oct. 20 at 4 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Roads and Bridges Department, 735 Michelin Boulevard, Anderson.

Among requests to be considered will be $425,000 for improvements on Woodmere Court in Williamston where there is a storm related washout that is causing concerns for the town and residents of Gatewood Subdivision. The damage occurred after heavy downpours resulted in backflow at the culverts where Big Creek flows under road of the Gatewood entrance.

There is a hole in the road which drops approximately 15-20 feet along the culvert. The problem area is cordoned off with police tape and cones and there are concerns about the road, which is the only access to the subdivision, washing away.

During a recent Council meeting, Mayor Mack Durham said an engineer was looking at the project and the town was going to request the C-fund money to make comprehensive repairs.

According to the mayor there are waterway permitting issues and it will be an extensive project.

Residents of the subdivision are concerned about the washout which currently is forcing traffic to use only one side of the road over the creek culvert.

They are also concerned about a tanker truck.which uses the entrance to the subdivision to gain access to the town’s sewer treatment plant.

The tanker, which is dumping leacheate from the Anderson Regional Landfill into the town’s treatment system, must cross the culvert just feet away from the washout.