Anderson County Sheriffs Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated several incidents involving guns including one in which two poeple were accidentaly shot.Among incidents investigated were the following:


Oct.18 – J.P. Lahusky responded to 645 Old Anderson Rd. where Adrian Devereaux – Martinez, BM, 26,of Simpsonville, reported that while waiting in line to enter a haunted house being held at that location, several black males assaulted him and his friend, Syi Young, BM, 24. Both men showed visible signs of the assault, and several witnesses reported that shots were fired, but no one was wounded. No one could say who fired the shots. The subjects fled in a green Tahoe.

Oct. 18 – D. McQueen was dispatched to 7927 Old Greenville Hwy. where he found both Angela Pilgrim, 39,and Michael Pilgrim, receiving medical treatment for gunshot wounds. According to reports, a family member said that Angela and Michael went outside because they heard a noise and they had several items stolen previously. While handing Michael his deer rifle, she dropped it and it went off, striking her in the hand and him in the jaw. Both victims were transported to the hospital.

Oct. 18 – S. Dunlap responded to 331 Shenandoah Dr. where Kenneth Keeler reported that he arrived at home and surprised three suspects, stealing tires from his yard. When he confronted them, one of the suspects, names and descriptions withheld, brandished a handgun, causing Keeler to draw his pistol and fire two warning shots in the air. The suspects fled. Deputy Dunlap attempted to make contact with them at their residence at 344 Shenandoah Dr., but was unsuccessful.

Oct. 19 – S.L. Steward responded to 301 Watson Rd. where Renea Herring reported the theft of her GPS device from her car. The loss was estimated at $150.

Oct. 19 – S. Dunlap responded to 1821 Old Pendleton Rd. where Billy Evans, WM, 39, 5’9″, 200 pounds, red/blue, stated that as he was moving out of the residence due to eviction, the subject, name and description withheld by ACSO, the landlord, had come by and accused him of stealing the television set. Evans said he was shoved but the subject denied it. No arrests were made.

Oct. 20 – T.A. McCarley responded to 103 Wren Crossing Lane, where Kathleen Vita reported that someone had gone through her unlocked vehicles and stolen tools worth $20.


Oct. 17 – P.D. Marter responded to 70001 Hwy. 29N. where Rick Ryder of Air-Vacuum-Express, of Pickens, reported that someone had stolen a large stainless steel vacuum from the convenience store location. A witness said that a white male in an older blue Ford pick-up had unbolted the vacuum from the concrete base and put it in a boat hull and driven off. The loss was estimated at $3000.

Oct. 18 – P.D. Marter responded to 20 River St. where Danna Babb reported that someone had broken into her shed and stolen items, including a red Tomos moped, valued at $600.

Oct. 18 – P.D. Marter responded to 104 Law St. where Peggy Daniels, WF, 33, 5’7″, 135 pounds, of Easley, reported that during an altercation with Mark Warden, WM, 33, 5’6″, 175 pounds, had slammed a door open striking her in the head and causing injury. Warden was placed under arrest for assault & battery, 3rd degree and transported to ACDC.

Oct. 18 – S.D. Cole was dispatched to 109 Crompton Rd. where Kenneth Marler reported that he had supposedly purchased a pick-up truck on Craigslist for $4500, only to find that it was a scam.

Oct. 18 – D. McQueen responded to 214 Old River Road, where Chandler Lindekugel reported that a subject identified only as Randi had punched Barbara Coleman, WF, 67 in the head because Randi thought Coleman had her cell phone. Coleman refused to press charges but the homeowner asked that the subject be placed on trespass notice, which she was.


Oct. 17 – P.D. Marter responded to 2100 Hwy. 86 where Martha Keeler reported that while she was at work at the Spinx Convenience store, someone attempted to steal her car, doing damage estimated at $100.

Oct. 17 – P.C. Henry received a telephone report from Mary Bennett, of 1507 S. Piedmont that someone had forged one of her checks at the BB&T Bank, and obtained $850 in cash.

Oct. 17 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 128 Corinth Dr., where Jacqueline Gray reported that someone had thrown a bottle at her son’s car, breaking the windshield and doing $150 in damage.

Oct. 18 – S. Dunlap responded to 1700 Elrod Rd., Lot 2 where Kenneth Tate said that an unnamed, unidentified subject, the brother of his girlfriend, had come to the house and, upon being refused entry, had threatened to get a gun from his car. A subsequent search of his car revealed no firearm, but at Tate’s request, he was put on trespass notice.


Oct. 17 – Jenny Kennedy, of 3 Vernon St., appeared at the ACSO headquarters to report that someone had used her personal information to steal her identity and open a bank account at the TD Bank.

Oct. 17 – P.D. Marter responded to the Saluda Quick Stop store at 1525 Anderson Rd. where a store employee reported that a regular customer had been observed stealing several medicinal products. Marter reviewed the video and recognized the subject. Upon confirming the subjects identity, Marter intended to seek an arrest warrant.