Around the County . . .


This is a summary of the actions taken by various divisions of the Anderson County Public Works Department within areas covered by The Journal.

  Solid Waste

   *   Preparing front entrance way for landscaping at the new Slabtown Convenience Center.

  *   Repaired a limit switch on one of the Whitefield Convenience Center compactors. It is important to keep our compactors running at our sites. One compactor basically holds 3 times as much material as a regular 40-yard container which is a big savings in hauling costs.

  *   Repaired fencing at the current Slabtown Convenience Center this week.

  *   Continuing to provide a 40-yard container to West Pelzer to help them with cleaning up limb and leaf debris so that it can be taken to the Starr C&D Landfill.


  *   The cease and desist issued to Proposed Retail Store #4443 at Reed Road and Hwy 81 N. due to land disturbing activity outside the limits of the permit remains in place. The soil placed on the adjacent property has been removed and the area seeded; however, an appropriate plan modification has not been approved.

  *   Staff conducted a pre-construction conference at the Belton Family Dollar on Main Street.

  *   An investigation into drainage problems below the Fred’s store in Honea Path found problems with the detention structures. DHEC was the permitting agency for the store. The findings have been forwarded to them.


  *   Researched possible effects of Ebola on wastewater treatment staff.  According to current information, survival of the virus in “water” is only a matter of minutes.  In terms of wastewater, it seems to be comparable to the HIV Virus, which also does not survive in water. Although indications are minimal threat, it is recommended that wastewater employees, particularly collection system staff, should continue wearing appropriate PPE.

   *   Licensed Beaver Trapper has been working in the Midway Rd. area setting new beaver traps due to an increase in Beaver activity. Traps were also set on Scotts Bridge Rd., and Dalrymple Rd.

  *   ROW crew cut 1500 feet of ROW on the AFCO property. Roads and Bridges assisted us with removing 5 trees that were in danger of falling on our exposed sewer line possibly damaging it.


§  Edgebrook Forest Subdivision Community Swimming Pool and Pool House located within Edgebrook Forest Subdivision Anderson. 


§  Caledonia Subdivision located off of Three Bridges Road in Powdersville.

§  Three Bridges Subdivision located off of Three Bridges Road.

§  Rosehill Subdivision Phase III, received Final Approval from Powdersville Water District.


§  Illegal signage picked up Highway 153 and Highway 29