Thompson to serve as Anderson city judge


Anderson attorney and current mayor of Starr, Richard Thompson, announced recently that he is resiging his position as mayor so that he can serve as a temporary municipal judge for the city of Anderson. He is expected to be sworn in as a city judge later this month.

Thompson has served as mayor of Starr in all but two terms since he was elected in 1982. He served as the attorney for the Town of Williamston for a number of years until town officials named Lee Cole to the position in July of this year.

Thompson’s law partner Robert King and Anderson attorney Josh Allen, a former assistant solicitor, will share the temporary municipal judge duties with Thompson.

The three will serve in the position to help fill a vacancy that was filled by Hugh Welborn. Ken Mattison will remain the city’s head municipal judge.

Starr mayor pro tem will take over the duties of mayor until a special election can be held.