Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Nov. 14 – P.C. Henry received a telephone complaint from Laverne Spohr, of 8 Trayvon Court, who stated that as she was at home at the time, she saw a white male, approximately 20-25 years old, run into her yard and steal her son’s leaf blower before fleeing in a full sized gray Chevy truck. The loss was estimated at $250.

Nov. 14 – D.A. Hammond received a complaint at the ACSO front desk from Michael Rigdon, of 1934 Sitton Hill Rd., that someone had stolen at least two checks from his mailbox. He was instructed to contact the U.S. Postal Service.

Nov. 14 – D.A. Hammond received a telephone complaint from Mickey Cooperman of 313 Camperdown Court that he had paid $458 to someone he believed to be a Charter Communications representative for services he never received.

Nov. 15 – J.P. Lahusky responded to 135 Haven Rest, where Reginal Greiner reported that his girlfriend, identified only as French, had broken two glass panels out of his front door area. He declined to press charges and no arrest was made.

Nov. 16 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 703 Hall Rd. where Alexander Kotak reported that someone had broken into his home and stolen two laptops, an iPad, four rifles and $800 in cash.

Nov. 16 – P.D. Marter responded to the residences of two neighbors, at 103 and 105 Duck Pond Dr. Both Dennis Stamper (103) and William Moon (105) reported that their boats had been plundered and robbed. Stamper lost a trolling motor and fish finder valued at $650, while Moon’s boat was ransacked, but nothing appeared to have been taken. The thief left behind a black jacket and some tools he used to remove the items stolen


Nov. 14 – J.G. Williams responded to 508 Woodcock Rd. where Ronnie Holdbrooks reported that two subjects had been arguing and when he tried to break it up, one of them, identity and description withheld by the ACSO, had punched him in the eye. He also reported a second subject, identified only as Kenny, WM, 22/25, 5’11″, 200 pounds, stole several items and broke the screen of the flat screen TV.

Nov. 15 – M.T. Grant was dispatched to 3 River St. as part of his investigation into the theft of a yellow moped matching the description of one stolen from William Griffin, of 102 Pamela Drive in Williamston. The owner of the home stated that her son Jamie Nabors, Jr., who lives in the basement of her home, had brought the moped home the night before. Griffith arrived and retrieved his property. Nabors, WM, 34, 6’, 305 pounds, was subsequently located and taken into custody.


Nov. 15 – D. McQueen responded to a complaint of a customer leaving the Huddle House at 112 Haulter Dr. without paying for his meal.

Nov. 15 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 201 Jackson Dr. where Sandra Royal reported that someone had entered her car and stolen items, including a small tool kit and jumper cables. The loss was estimated at $70.

Nov. 16 – J.G. Williams, S. Cole, and J.P. Lahusky all responded to 100 Anderson St., in response to a call that Deputy D. McQueen had earlier responded to that scene, and lost all radio contact after encountering an unknown subject who was acting violently, and apparently under the influence of some unknown substance.

Upon arriving, Williams found the other deputies engaged in restraining the subject, Kevin Williams, WM, 18, 5’10″, 190 pounds, of Pendleton.

According to reports, Tyler continued to struggle to regain his feet, babbling incoherently, and licking the asphalt. After finally restraining the subject, Deputy Williams spoke with McQueen, who stated that when he arrived, the subject was inside a white Toyota on the scene, belonging to victim #1, Cynthia Smith. He exited the car and approached McQueen, bleeding from several wounds which he apparently suffered while breaking the windshield and sunroof out of the car. He jumped onto the hood of the cruiser damaging it.

Williams then assaulted McQueen who managed to subdue him until other deputies arrived. Williams was transported to Greenville Hospital while Deputy McQueen was transported to AnMed for observation.

Smith reported that she was at home when she heard a loud crash at the front of her home, along with loud shouting. Upon realizing that Williams was trying to break in, she called 911.

Williams was treated and released into ACSO custody. He was charged with several offenses and transported to ACDC.

Nov. 16 – M.T. Grant responded to 1499 Durham Rd. where Lauren Campbell reported that her boyfriend, Michael Pressley WM, 23, 5’7″ 135 pounds, of 401 Major Rd., had assaulted her, punching her in the face several times. She said that he also punched himself several times to create injuries before leaving. Four other witnesses agreed to that account, though they did not witness the actual assault on Campbell. Grant went to Pressley’s home and spoke with him, where he claimed that Campbell assaulted him. He was arrested and taken to ACDC.


Nov. 15 – M.T. Grant was dispatched to 102 Pamela Dr. where William Griffith reported the theft of his yellow 2014 Gator moped. (See related report above).

Nov. 16 – K.D. Lollis was on patrol near Mill St. and Woodmere Court when he encountered a suspicious vehicle. He made a traffic stop and discovered that Chad Ricks, WM, 35, 5’9″, 140 pounds, of Belton, was driving on a suspended license. He also found that the 1997 Lexus was stolen, as well as a license tag on the vehicle. Ricks was arrested and transported to ACDC.