Gatewood entrance causing more concerns


A storm related washout that has caused concerns for the town and residents of Gatewood Subdivision became more of a problem last week. Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said that recent rains caused a recurrence of problems at the previously repaired site at the Gatewood Subdivision entrance. Anderson County Public Works Director Holt Hopkins was contacted and came out and assessed the roadway last week after the problem was discovered.

Durham said a county crew was sent to stabilize the roadway and that single lane traffic will continue to be utilized to maintain access.

Williamston Fire Chief Steve Ellison and Police Chief Tony Taylor coordinated with Anderson Cuunty emergency services to notify affected residents.

Durham said the town was coordinated with the county to fill the void created by recent rains and temporarily stabilize the roadway until a permanent repair can be made. Durham said the Anderson County C-Funds committee is working to get the project engineered and should be meeting to discuss it again in January. Durham said he has been assured that the project is a priority for the C-Funds committee.

The original damage occurred earlier this year after heavy downpours resulted in backflow at the culverts where Big Creek flows under road of the Gatewood entrance.

There is a hole in the road which drops approximately 15-20 feet along the culvert. The problem area is cordoned off with police tape and cones and there are concerns about the road, which is the only access to the subdivision, washing away. Previous estimates for the necessary repairs were $425,000.