Piedmont paving should begin soon


By Stan Welch

The hundreds of customers who are enjoying their new sewer system will soon begin to enjoy their repaved roads as well. Last week, Anderson County awarded the paving contract that will end the sewer upgrade project to Venesky Asphalt, Inc., of Easley.

The bid of $580,653.30 was the lowest of four, including Ashmore Bros., Pickens Construction Co., and Panasko Asphalt. The Anderson County roads and bridges department chose to let the contract themselves, having experienced some compliance and performance issues with the installing contractor.

The sewer upgrade project, which was funded by a $7.8 million loan that was forgiven, included the installation of fifty six thousand, five hundred forty one linear feet of sewer mains, and the hook ups for approximately 900 customers.

The project will include several methods, as they are warranted, including milling, patching and paving, as well as the painting of the required lines.The contract calls for a start date of March 30 and a finish date of July 30.

PDF map showing the planned paving project in Piedmont