Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Andeson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


March 27 – T.V. Hendrix responded to 11638 Anderson Road, where Elzora Burger reported that someone had damaged her rear door while trying to force entry into her home. The cost was set at $100.

March 27 – M.T. Grant was dispatched to 254 Ridge Rd. in response to a reported burglary in progress. The homeowner, Christopher Stuart, stated that four men had kicked in the doors of his home and come in. He said he was awakened by a white male who put a knife to his throat. Stuart said his girlfriend and his juvenile son were sleeping downstairs and he yelled at her to call 911. He then shoved his assailant who fled. Both the girlfriend and the boy said that they also saw men in the house., but were unable to give adequate descriptions.

March 28 – A.F. Acevedo responded to 1042 Turner Hill Rd. where Miguel Betancourt reported that he had discovered a white male trying to steal his motorcycle. He reportedly fired a shot in the air and the thief fled, where Betancourt overtook him at the street. The thief apparently struck Betancourt with a motorcycle helmet before fleeing in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee with other white males inside.

March 28 – A.F. Acevedos responded to 208 Cooper Drive, to the All Waste company site, where John Ely reported that someone had damaged his parking lot by driving through it. HE estimated the cost of repairs at $3500.

March 28 – M.D. Creamer was dispatched to 1325 Old Mill Rd. where Charles Kircher reported the theft of as 6 X 10 single axle trailerwith covers over the tires and side rails, valued at $2450.

March 29 – J.M. Culbertson responded to the WalMart store where Keith Reese, loss prevention officer, reported that a white male in a two tone 90s model Chevy pickup had stolen several metal racks from behind the store. The loss was estimated at $200.


March 28 – M.D. Creamer responded to 1 Baldwin St. where Jack Golden reported the theft of a handgun from his truck. The value was set at $385.

March 28 – M.T. Brooks responded to 1 Brock St. where Colleen Stilton reported that her husband has assaulted her several times, punching and kicking her before fleeing the house after she called 911. Deputy Brooks and Johnson relocated to 39 Goodrich St. on information that Kevin Stilton, WM, 48, 5’10″, 160 pounds was at a friend’s house at that location. Stilton, who has two prior convictions for criminal domestic violence, and who was on probation at the time, was arrested and transported to ACDC.

March 28 – S.B. McKinney responded to 101 Oliver Park Dr. where Benjamin Barbee, Jr. reported that someone had thrown a cement block through his car windshield doing approximately $300 in damage.


March 28 – J.M. Culbertson responded to 103 Shadowmoss Dr., where Latosha Watts reported that someone had stolen her car, as it was warming up in her driveway. The red 2003 Dodge Stratus, SC tag # CLX953 was valued at $3000.

March 29 – J. R. Tilley was dispatched to 10903 Anderson Rd. where Hallie Bird , of Anderson, reported the theft of her license plate.

March 29 – A.F. Acevdos responded to 413 Hurricane Creek Rd. where Amanda Holbrooks reported that her boyfriend and her ten month old son’s father, name and description withheld, had become agitated and broken the glass in his car, scratching Amanda and the baby. Acevedos reported his intent to seek a warrant for the subject’s arrest from criminal domestic violence.