Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


May 1 – J.R. Richey was dispatched to 310 Pine Rd. in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, William Grahl reported that someone had forced entry into his home and stolen some of his wife’s jewelry.

May 1 – J.R. Richey responded to 1935 Sitton Hill Rd. where Marilyn Wrenn reported that someone had broken into her home. It appeared nothing had been taken.

May 1 – J.R. Richey responded to the WalMart at 11410 Anderson Rd. where loss prevention officer Keith Reese reported that three black women in their late thirties had left the store with unpaid merchandise. He followed them to their vehicle, where they fled, running over his right foot as they did so.

May 2 – J.R. Richey responded to 235 Colonial Dr., in response to a report of two stolen motorcycles. Lavonne Patrick stated that he had been repairing and painting the two bikes for customers. One was a dark purple 2002 Kawasaki, with SC tag# ZB72876, valued at $5000. The other one was a charcoal gray 1997 Suzuki, SC tag #ZD66245, also valued at approximately $5000.

May 2 – R.A. Sparkman was dispatched to 233 Colonial Dr. where Cynthia Dassinger reported that a stranger had come to their door demanding to see her son, and swinging a large stick in a threatening manner. She told him her son no longer lived there, but he persisted until her husband appeared with a shotgun and told him to leave. No description was provided in the incident report.

May 2 – D. McQueen responded to the Spinx convenience store at Hwy. 153 and Three Bridges Road, where Blake Bruckmann reported that he and his friend Houston Jones, had been leaving the parking lot at the Ingle’s supermarket on Hwy. 81 when they passed a dark gray Honda Accord. The driver cursed him and told him he’d better leave. Bruckmann said he flipped the bird to the guy and they drove off. When he came out of the Spinx store later, the car was there, and the subject, a white male with a shaved head, in his mid 20s, 5’6″, 180 pounds, in jeans, a gray shirt and a ball cap, approached him and punched him in the face.

May 3 – J.R. Richey was dispatched to 104 Messervy Dr. where James Martin, Jr. reported the theft of his red and black TORO zero turn lawn mower, valued at $3400.


May 2 – A.L. Gary responded to 125 Old River Rd.,to Bryant’s Muffler, where Leroy Bryant reported that someone had damaged his Coke machine while trying to break into it. The damage was estimated at $100.

May 2 – J. Velez was on patrol near Hwy. 81 and Browning Rd. when he saw a pickup truck drift off the road onto the shoulder twice. He made a traffic stop, and subsequently arrested Earl Hamilton, WM, 64,k 5’7″, 175 pounds, bald with blue eyes for open container and simple possession of marijuana. He was transported to ACDC.