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In the article “EMS certifications officer sanctioned” in this week’s Journal the following clarifications are made regarding Anson Hawkins certifications and the DHEC fine for the Williamston and Iva EMS units:

Hawkins has had his certification to perform IST functions permanently revoked both by DHEC and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), the two certifying authorities.

Hawkins was sanctioned and cannont perform DHEC required training.

Hawkins remains authorized to perform other functions according to any other certifications which he might hold.

Under the DHEC administrative consent order, both Iva and Williamston EMS units have had their IST programs suspended for three years, and have been fined $10,000.

They will have to pay $1000 of that amount within the coming weeks to meet the six months deadline activated by the January consent order.

Once their IST programs are reinstated, they will be monitored by DHEC for future compliance.

The remaining balance of the fines will be stayed upon a twelve month period of substantial compliance as determined by DHEC.

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EMS Certifications Officer sanctioned