Pelzer voters say yes to annexation


By a margin of just 16 votes, the Pelzer annexation referendum has passed. Out of 228 votes cast, 122 were in favor of the annexation while 106 were opposed. (Uncertified results)

By Stan Welch

The pro annexation forces in Pelzer won a narrow victory Tuesday night, with one hundred twenty two votes in favor of annexation, to one hundred six votes against. The victory will more triple the town limits and will increase the number of properties in the new town limits by several hundred. Out of 705 registered voters in Pelzer, less than half, or 228 came out to vote in the referendum.

While there is a mechanism in place to allow a percentage of the population to contest the results, such an action seems unlikely.

There were approximately forty people waiting outside the community building to see the results posted, and they were overwhelmingly in favor of the results.

Pelzer Mayor Steve McGregor praised the folks who worked so hard to make annexation a reality. “Our town clerk, Heather Holcombe has been tireless, and so have a lot of other people. I’m just really happy for the town. The mill hill should have been included in town years and years ago.”

Roger Scott, who was one of the first to petition to be annexed, only to be disappointed by his property’s lack of a contiguous attachment to the town, was pleased as well. “This is a big day for Pelzer, a chance for us to start building a future we can all be part of. I’ve very happy for the town.”

(View pdf of Pelzer annexation area)