Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigted the following:


June 5 – D. McQueen was dispatched to 159 Smith Dr. where Wanda Chapman had entered her car during the night and stoeln a blue and white work bag containing her work ID and a set of keys.

June 7 – A.C. Guthrie was dispatched to the area of Spearman Rd. and Owens Rd., where John Stone,II reported the theft of a heavy metal gate from an entrance to his property there. The loss was estimated at $125.

June 7 – C.L. Wilkinson responded to 112 Looper Rd. where Christopher Heinen stated that someone had entered his truck while he was out of town and stolen several tools valued at $475.


June 5 – R.A. Sparkman was dispatched to 3010 Hwy. 153 to the raceway convenience store where the store owner Nick Patel stated that a white woman had entered the styore and stolen two cases of beer. Patel did not witness the theft but a customer did. The loss was estimated at $36.

June 5 – C.L. Wilkinson was dispatched to 10862 Anderson Rd. to the Highland Spirits liquor store where Jad Fakourne, store owner, reported that a white male wearing cargo shorts entered the store and stuck two bottles of liquor in his pockets then fled. Fakourne caught him and retrieved the liquor but the thief escaped.

June 6 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 571 Wren Rd. in response to a domestic dispute. Amanda Minner, WF, 30, 5’9″, 360 pounds stated that she and her boyfriend, Joshua McAbee, WM, 24, 5’11″, 225 pounds had been arguing when he assaulted her. He denied it and three witnesses confirmed his story. Two other witnesses confirmed Minner’s story. The case was to be presented to a magistrate; but before it could, Deputy A.F. Acevedos was called to the scene the next day, where McAbee claimed that Minner’s brother and another male arrived at his home to retrieve some of her possessions and began assaulting him. He said he got his shotgun in self defense and told the subjects to leave. Acevedos confiscated the firearm due to pointing and presenting a firearm. The case was to be presented to a magistrate.

June 7 – B.C. Scroggs received a telephone complaint from Susan Chiles, 120 Wadmalaw Drive, that her Black Acsis Ipad had been stolen from her home. The loss was estimated at $200.

June 8 – R.A. Sparkman responded to Carolina Landscaping Concepts at 128 McNeely Rd., where Michael McGee reported the theft of several plants, valued at approximately $1000.


June 5 – .L. Martin was dispatched to 711 HI Taylor Rd. where Melinda Rector, WF, 30 stated that her common law husband and baby daddy, Jamie , first name only, had slapped her during an argument about his drinking and driving, and then left with their son who was not secured in a car seat. A BOLO was put out on the truck, and the child was soon located at his grandparent’s house in Laurens County.

June 7 – B.C. Johnson responded to 400 McAlister Rd. where Christopher Campbell reported the theft of his white 2000 Chevy 3500 truck, with a long bed and aluminum tool box. The loss was estimated at $8000.

June 7 – M.T. Brooks was dispatched to 7 Beaverdam Rd. where Garry Rosemond reported the theft of his red 5 HP Toro ditch digger. The loss was estimated at $150.

June 7 – M. McCarty was on patrol when he clocked a car going 71 in a 45 zone. Upon stopping the vehicle he found that the driver, Jeff Price, WM, 50, of Anderson, was driving under suspension.