Mayor updates town projects for GWBA


During the GWBA meeting Tuesday, Williamston Mayor Mack Durham gave an update on projects and other issues affecting the town recently.

Mayor Durham said the Envision Williamston workshop on Monday allowed residents to give input on the future of the downtown and surrounding area. Durham said the focus on walking brings customers to the downtown area. He said the town is looking at providing more handicapped accessible sidewalks and walking trails and eventually downtown residential. “Walkability and bikability is good for business,” he said.

Durham said that recent improvements at Brookdale Park included a small sidewalk and six truckloads of top soil along with some painting and refurbishing. At the request of area residents, a shelter has been installed at the Gray Drive walking track.

In conjunction with the United Way, the town is moving ahead on Born Learning Trails for Brookdale and Mineral Spring Parks. The learning trails are designed for young children and encourage walking and learning in a fun way. “We are trying to be more family oriented offering interactive activities,” the mayor said.

Durham also said that the town is installing a new updated phone system with professional voice messaging that will allow callers to actually get someone when they call. The town is also updating a software for billing and accepting credit cards.

Durham said the town will be taking down signs in Mineral Spring Park that reflect policies with no enforceable ordinance behind them.

Durham said anyone interested in the issue can have input with the planning commission and the town will look into passing ordinances if needed.

There was some discussion about a designated smoking area in the park and for special events such as the GWBA Party in the Park held last week.