Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


June 12 – J.A. Clark responded to 102 Wild Briar Court where Heather Coen-Putt reported that someone had smashed two windshields out of her car, doing $1025 in damage.

June 13 – J.R. Richey responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle at Trinity Point Baptist Church at 1938 Brushy Creek Road.Upon arrival, he found Derek Bayne, WM, 23, 4’3″, 80 pounds slumped over behind the wheel. Richey tried several times to wake him, finally succeeding. There was a strong odor of alcohol and Bayne was unsteady on his feet. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed four grams of marijuana and Bayne was placed under arrest.

June 13 – J.T. Smith responded to 331 Henderson Rd. where Carl Putnam, Jr. of Fountain Inn, reported that he was at the residence with Kimberly Mullinix, discussing some money she owed him when several white males came in demanding to know what he was doing there. One of the men was carrying a red pipe wrench and struck Putnam in the head with it. He fled on foot, leaving his vehicle there. Deputy Smith returned to the scene where they learned that the suspects had fled into the woods. A number of items taken from Putnam’s car were located , but several were not. A magistrate issued a warrant.

June 14 – D. McQueen responded to the Rite Aid drug store at 3445 Hwy. 153, where an employee stated that a white male in his late 50s wearing a button up shirt, jeans and white shoes stole several items, putting them in a bag and walking out. An off duty employee grabbed at the bag tearing it and dumping every thing out. The suspect fled in a burgundy Chevrolet Impala. The value of the items was estimated at $918.


June 12 – J.A. Clark was dispatched to the Fred’s store on Highway 20 where the manager reported that she followed a white female out of the store and demanded that she return the merchandise she had stolen. The woman did so and left in a car with another woman and a man. The license tag came back as stolen.

June 13 – J.R. Richey responded to the Sav-Way on Main St. in reference to a possible intoxicated person. He found no one outside, and couldn’t find a clerk inside until he heard a noise on the floor behind the counter. There he found Charles Childers, WM, 34, 5’11″, 160 pounds on the floor. The owner of the store responded and fired Childers on the spot. He was placed on trespass notice as well.

June 13 – J.A. Clark responded to 1210 Easley Hwy. Where Remington Smith reported the burglary of his home, with electronics, firearms and clothing valued at $2150 having been stolen.

June 14 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to the Family Dollar Store on Hwy 20 where a store employee reported that a white male had stolen various medications located near the front of the store. She chased him outside but he fled on foot to the KFC across the highway. A clerk at the store said the man entered the restaurant and he and another white male left in a red S10 Chevy pickup truck.


June 13 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to 205 Hwy. 17 where Timothy Gleason reported that someone had smashed the windows to his Dodge Ram truck, doing $1000 in damage.

June 13 – J.A. Clark responded to 106 Wendy Hill Way where Jessica Rodgers reported the theft of her iPod from her car. The loss was set at $300.

June 14 – J.A. Clark responded to 1728 Elrod Rd., Lot 7 where Richard Sanders reported the theft of cash and a firearm from his house. The loss was estimated at $1178.


June 12 – J.R. Brunson was dispatched to 2 Dacus Dr. where Cecil Jamerson reported the theft of his red 18 foot double axle trailer, filled with lawn care equipment. The loss was estimated at $10,000.

June 13 – J.R. Richey responded to 300 Shiloh Road where Deborah Steadman was visibly upset and reported that her ex husband had struck her in the face after he got drunk at a relative’s wedding reception. As they were leaving to take him home, she said he struck her with his fist, slitting her lip. Deputy Richey located Kenneth Bagwell, WM, 51, 6’1″, 180 pounds walking along the road. He took him into custody for domestic violence and transported him to ACDC.

June 14 – A.N. Killingsworth responded to 333 Paradise Vista Dr. where Joseph Mihalik reported that his wife had struck him across the face with her fists following an argument. He declined to press charges, but Killingsworth placed Frances Mihalik, WF, 59, 5’5″, 110 pounds into custody for criminal domestic violence and transported her to ACDC.