Medshore providing EMS service in Williamston area


By Stan Welch

The Williamston EMS Board of Directors has approved a one year contract which will allow Medshore to provide emergency medical service to the Williamston EMS service area while a pending audit is conducted. The audit will be used in determining when Williamston can resume providing emergency medical services.

In a letter dated June 4, the Board acknowledged the arrangement, and assured that there will be no interruption of services. In addition, all current employees will be retained if they so desire. Medshore will assume its responsibilities beginning on June 20.

The contract follows several weeks of revelations concerning the Unit’s operations, which have resulted in a DHEC inquiry into the in squad training (IST) program.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) issued an administrative consent order in January, which permanently banned Anson Hawkins, Sr. from serving as an in-service training (IST) officer.

Hawkins has had his certification to perform IST functions permanently revoked both by DHEC and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), the two certifying authorities. Hawkins was sanctioned for falsifying training documents, providing certification for EMTs and paramedics who did not meet all of the training requirements. Hawkins remains authorized to perform other functions according to any other certifications which he might hold.

The DHEC inquiry led to a consent order which led to the suspension of the IST program for three years, payment of a one thousand dollar fine, and the correction of any inaccuracies in the training records, with notification to NREMT.

Several allegations concerning the possible misuse of funds and grant monies are currently under investigation by SLED as well.