Two lottery players hit it big in Williamston


$250,000 and $100,000

Two lottery players who bought tickets in Williamston are six-figures richer.

A $250,000 winning ticket sold at the Williamston Curb Market on Greenville Dr. and a $100,000 winning ticket bought just five minutes away at the Saluda Quick Stop Inc. on Anderson Dr. were both claimed this week.

The quarter-of-a-million dollar winner lives next door in Pelzer. She says she rarely buys a ticket, and at first glance thought she’d won $250 on her Payout scratch-off. It was the store clerk who corrected her mistake.

“I thought I’d pass out,” she said when she heard $250,000. “I was shaking.” Family members came with her to collect the prize and called the win “life changing.” “You just have to believe,” the winner said.

Williamston’s second winner won making a point to his girlfriend.

The Greenville winner’s girlfriend told him not to buy a lottery ticket when they stopped at the Saluda Quick Stop Inc. But, he did anyway and surprised them both by winning $100,000 on a $5 ticket.

He promised his girlfriend the Spy Some Cash scratch-off is his last. “I’m done,” he said proving his point. Now he’s looking to buy a new car.

Two top prizes of $100,000 remain in the $5 Spy Some Cash game, at odds of 1 in 480,000. Likewise, two top prizes of $250,000 remain in the $10 Payout game, at odds of 1 in 696,000.

For selling the claimed tickets, Williamston Curb Market and Saluda Quick Stop Inc. in Williamston received a one percent commission.