Arrest made after receiving analysis report


One year after reported missing; body later found in well

Almost one year later, and after waiting approximately six months for an analysis report from the state lab, Anderson County Sheriff’s Investigators made an arrest in the homicide of Patricia Freeman, who was reported missing in February. The analysis gave investigators the last bit of information needed for the charge, officals said.

Perry Thomas Pruitt, 55, of Anderson, was arrested for the murder of Patricia Ann Freeman, 57, also of Anderson. Freeman was reported missing by her brother on February 6. At that time, deputies were told that the family had not seen Freeman since Labor Day (2014).

In order to glean additional information on Freeman’s whereabouts, sheriff’s investigators began speaking with her known acquaintances living in Anderson County. While making queries on February 20, investigators found what they believed to be human remains in a well at Pruitt’s residence, 222 Boseman Road, Anderson.

The body was removed after a search warrant was executed. An autopsy helped determine the remains were indeed those of Freeman.

Pruitt was a love interest of Freeman and believed to be responsible for the placement of her body in the well. He was charged, and later released on a $50,000 bond, with the Unauthorized Removal of a Dead Body and the investigation continued.

He was picked up on the murder charge last Thursday and housed in the Anderson County Detention Center to await a bond hearing.