West Pelzer to issue bonds for water, sewer upgrade


$1.130 million

By Stan Welch

West Pelzer Town Council gave final approval to a measure authorizing interim financing for the town’s second phase of the upgrading of its water and wastewater systems. The ordinance will allow the town to seek financing from a private source, thereby trading some additional loan costs for the benefits of getting the project started more quickly.

The issuance of the two bonds, in a total amount of $1,130,000 will also include sufficient funds to cover those additional costs. In addition to the bonds which will be issued, several million dollars in grants have been used in the upgrading of the systems.

The Council, with full attendance, also approved a resolution seeking funding to resurface several secondary state roads that lie within the town’s corporate limits. The General Assembly approved the disbursement of two hundred sixteen million dollars to the state’s forty six counties, to be used strictly for the purpose of repairing secondary state roads and bridges in the county.

Anderson County’s share of that money comes to approximately $7.57 million dollars. It will be administered by the Anderson County Transportation Committee. For municipalities to receive funding they must pass resolutions requesting the funds, and providing an inventory of the roads within their limits.

The list included in the resolution, which was unanimously approved, is as follows: Sylvia Lane, Tasha Drive,Dianne Avenue, Stephanie Drive, Welborn Street and Donalds Street. The total estimated length that could be paved is .88 mile.

The October meeting of the Council will be held on October 19th, instead of the 12th, which is Columbus Day, and a town holiday.

Bid packages for the town’s sanitation contract can be picked up at Town Hall between September 29 and October 19, which is the date that the bids will be opened.