Langston’s Laughs


A farmer went to his church for the Sunday evening service and no one showed up but himself and the preacher. They both waited for a while and no one else came so his pastor asked him what he wanted to do. The farmer said all I know is if I go out to feed my cows and only one shows up I feed him. So his preacher said ok, have a seat and I will go to the pulpit. The preacher went to pulpit got out his bible and began preaching. He preached and preached and preached for over an hour and finally he finished. After he came down from the pulpit to where the farmer was he asked him what he thought. The farmer said you know you asked me what we should do and I said that if I went out to feed my cows and only one showed up I would feed him, the preacher said yes I remember. The farmer said what I didn’t tell you was that if I was going to feed that one cow I would NOT give him the whole truck load!